Thursday, March 13, 2008

Week of lists part one

Following is a a list of the bands I currently have on my mp3 player

The All Girl Summer Fun Band
The Bird and the Bee
The Bad Plus
Death Cab for Cutie
The Decemberists
The Dresden Dolls
Frou Frou
Iron and Wine
Jesca Hoop
Magnetic Fields
Nellie Mckay
Neutral Milk Hotel
the Raconteurs
The Ditty Bops
Pirates of the Carribean (1 & 2) Soundtrack
Garden State Soundtrack
Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack

There might be some more but I can't think of them, and the battery died on my player so I can't look it up. but if you were ever wondering what kind of music I listened to, now you know. And knowing is half the battle. If perhaps you know these bands and would like to recommend new music for me to listen to, I'm all (no pun intended) ears.

Friday, March 07, 2008

I need to learn photoshop (though for other reasons)

This isn't exactly SFW, but it's not really NSFW (except for the tush, I guess). Anyway, this is funny and fascinating, and I'll only leave the movie up for a few days and then just put up a link for it afterwards.

And because I'm an idiot, my bank troubles quickly subsided when I realized I was trying to use my bank card, which expired this month instead of using the new one the sent me. So all that worry, and it boils down to my stupidity.

anyway, here is the video I mentioned, don't scroll down if you think a naked tush is appropriate for the computer that you are currently using.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I didn't want to do it again but...

So I really was going to start my week of lists today. Lists of a somewhat personal nature getting a bit more into my head and life than just random lists of links that I find to be interesting.

Unfortunately the machine that sells me my LIRR tickets (that's Long Island Railroad for those of you who don't know) rejected my bank card, and I know I should have at least two grand in my checking account (alright, maybe only fifteen hundred, but still). Thus I've been freaking out about it all day and can't think straight. I'm stuck at work and there isn't a bank location near where I am currently, so I have to wait until I go home to try and figure it out (if I've been robbed or identity thefted, that would truly suck, you'd think that someone would only want to do that to people who actually have money and good credit, not guys like me).

Instead I give you what I think is absolutely fabulous (no, not the tv show). Someone has posted a bunch of old Garfield comic strips, but have removed Garfield and odie, leaving only Jon behind. The strips are actually far more poignant, touching, and funny in this garfieldless version. Talk about post-structrualist post-modernism. Anyway, you should check it out because it's good and funny, and I'm going to sit at this desk and pretend that I'm not freaking out, when in fact I'm so jittery I think my eyes my pop out of my head.

Garfield minus garfield