Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oh happy day

Good news everybody.

First Charlie is moving back to the grand ol' USA, and only about two hours away from me, which makes the news even greater. She is by far my favorite favorite friend with whom I barely speak. I'm just really bad about keeping up my correspondences.

The second cool thing, I'm updating this blog via my new iPod touch. I wanted to move to the city with a friend but can't really afford to right now, so to console myself I purchased this handy gizmo. Yes, I know such purchases will keep me in queens even longer, but shut up about it- why can't you let me have anything cool? Jerks.

I don't think I'll ever post using this again because now my thumbs kinda hurt and it took way too long. I don't know how kids text all day long. It would drive me nuts.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Signs of the apocalypse

Sign one: I got a cell phone about a month and a half ago.

Sign two: I joined facebook three days ago.

Sign three: I have a personal trainer for four sessions at the gym I just joined (not one of the signs, I can exercise with out the world coming to an end) and we were supposed to meet today for the second session, but he texted me to cancel till tomorrow. Instead of calling him, so help me, because I didn't really want to talk to him, I texted him back moving the session to monday, since I'm busy all day tomorrow and sunday.

Three things a year a go I thought I'd never do. Things I kinda regret having done (not the gym thing though, I've been meaning to do that for ever).

The four horsemen must not be so far behind.

also, unrelated, I still owe robin a mix cd and the bracelet I bought her in Hong Kong. I sent the CD once and apparently to the wrong address because it came back to me. I was going to do it again, but then didn't. So if Robin (who has since quit blogging) still reads this, I know I owe you these things, they'll come eventually.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Interested in a life of crime?

I hope not because crime doesn't pay.

Unfortunately, neither does being a comic book writer who can't draw.

I know that nobody really reads this blog anymore, and I barely even update it, but on the off chance that there is someone who reads and knows other people, or someone just stumbles upon this using the Next Blog button on the top of the page, here is a ad I posted on a few webistes searching for an artist. If you are an artist, or know an artist, feel free to drop me a line, or pass this ad (and website) along.

I can't draw to save my life. Literally, if I a gun was put to my head and I was told to draw a straight line I'd have a bullet in the brain before I finished. This would be a shame, for I have a pretty, pretty brain, with pretty, pretty ideas, and a bullet would take that pretty brain, and those pretty ideas, and turn them to mush.

I would like to share my brain, and my ideas, especially those comic book related, but as I said I can't draw. That's where you come in.

If you are an artist who can save multiple lives with your straight lines (also crooked lines, really all your lines, whatever shape they might be in) but would like a bit more direction then I suggest we should, in comic book lingo, have a Team Up.

I have stories in multiple genre's and would also be interested in developing new original ideas.

I would like to come up with something presentable to publishers. This is a no-pay gig, unfortunately, at least not until publication. I know that sucks, and it sucks not being able to pay, but this is something temporary issue which will be offset in the long run. Ownership of the property (whatever we produce) would be split down the middle, and all that entails.

I'm friendly, personable, and am not a zombie, werewolf, vampire, or other creature of the night. If all this seems amenable to you, please contact me and we can see if a collaboration is possible.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

if you could see through my eyes

I'm color blind. It's no big deal really. Or rather it shouldn't be, yet whenever someone finds out that I'm color blind they go on a rampage of asking what everything looks like.
"what color is this?"
"what color is that?"
and so forth.

For the record it's not really that tactful to ask someone who's color blind about colors her or she can't see. Sure you might find it fascinating, but at best you're mildly annoying the person you're asking (because everyone asks the same damn questions), at worst you're making them feel very out of place and/or humiliating them for their disability. Most likely the former and not the latter, as I've yet to really meet any fellow color blind person who was overly sensitive about said disability. The point being, it's annoying as hell so cut it out.

That said, if you really are curious there is a neat website that lets you see the world as if you were color blind. So go here to see the world in a different light and stop bugging me.

That is all.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Nothing is nothing

So I was getting a little uncomfortable keeping that video at the top of my blog for so long, thus I'm entering a new entry just to knock it away from being the first thing anyone might see.

If you are looking for something interesting to read, feel free to check out a short story I wrote here. Or don't.

And if you are in the mood for something I thought was really clever and had absolutely nothing to do with, check it out

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

because this is too funny not to post (NSFW)

I can imagine a very lonely man sitting at home, trying to figure out how to combine his two favorite things. If they figure out how to connect one of these to a PS3, Xbox 360, or heaven help us, a Nintendo Wii, the population of this country will decrease by at least half in by the next generation. But is that really a bad thing?