Tuesday, July 28, 2009

if you could see through my eyes

I'm color blind. It's no big deal really. Or rather it shouldn't be, yet whenever someone finds out that I'm color blind they go on a rampage of asking what everything looks like.
"what color is this?"
"what color is that?"
and so forth.

For the record it's not really that tactful to ask someone who's color blind about colors her or she can't see. Sure you might find it fascinating, but at best you're mildly annoying the person you're asking (because everyone asks the same damn questions), at worst you're making them feel very out of place and/or humiliating them for their disability. Most likely the former and not the latter, as I've yet to really meet any fellow color blind person who was overly sensitive about said disability. The point being, it's annoying as hell so cut it out.

That said, if you really are curious there is a neat website that lets you see the world as if you were color blind. So go here to see the world in a different light and stop bugging me.

That is all.