Friday, February 17, 2006

Things that shouldn't be funny but are anyway

My list of ten in no particular order:

1. The planet Uranus

2. Syphilis of the eye

3. An elderly man being shot in the face by the Vice-President

4. William Shatner's music (save his most recent album I guess)

5. Falling out of bed

6. Unrequited love

7. Erectile Dysfunction

8. Crackwhores

9. Performance artists

10. Any injury involving a bowling ball, a waffle iron, and untied shoelaces.


Nonny said...

I don't know why you think it shouldn't be funny, I find all that hilarious.

rawbean said...

I find Performance Artists especially hilarious, particularily when they do back the background...of a serious conversation/situation. Nothing better than a guy doing back flips (with some sort of flame tossing involved) in the background of a serious conversation/situation....can you picture it?

E.B. Noodles said...


It's such a fun word to say aloud (alone).

Princess Pessimism said...

I agree...William Shatners music IS funny.

HitManJ said...

Erectile Dysfunction should get TWO spots on the list. Not only is the actual problem funny (but shouldn't be), the words themselves when placed next to each other on paper is just silly looking.

Fridaysweb said...

Oh, yall are just evil. One of you MUST come over here and wipe the cereal and milk off my screen. It's YOUR fault! hahahaha

(there's one that everyone always forgets - when a natural disaster hits a southern town, all the women come out in pink hair curlers, mu-mu's and bedroom slippers. No matter what time it is)

Fridaysweb said...

Nonny is a comment whore. She begs for them. Longs for them. Dreams of them. Some days, she checks her comments section every fifteen minutes, just to see who may have replied. We should throw her a bone, today, and give her the comments she desires so much. That was Nonny, just in case you lost the link.

rawbean said...

I don't like it when Amichai disappears. Where'd he go?

Nonny said...

I agree, where does he go, what does he do? Inquiring minds want to know.

PS: ignore Amy, she's stoned on pudding.

Lady K said...

GREAT POST! I laughed at EVERY SINGLE ONE of those, although I know I shouldn't have. I'm a sick human being, keyword being HUMAN there. ;-)

Fridaysweb said...

Amichai, come back! Lady K needs you and ALL your friends to reply to her blog. If she gets 300 replies, today, she gets free cotton candy for a week!