Monday, September 11, 2006

Dear jerks on the New Jersey highways who cut me off in the passing lane then slowed down

Don't Do That! God I hate New Jersey. It's a fine place to be from, but I honestly have no idea why anyone would want to live there.

So the internet in my house hasn't been working, which explains my absense from the blogosphere (grahh! I can't believe I actually used that term and that I am considering myself part of it. I think I might need this t-shirt from here - second one down). Anway, I'm back and good to go.

Stuff happened, but we move on. Saw J_ this past weekend. Visited her up at her college (Upstate NY - five hour drive). Felt very old when hanging out with one of her freinds who still needs to wear braces. It's funny, when I was there I had a very hard time falling asleep in her bed being that it was a dorm room bed and not nearly big enough for the both of us to sleep in comfortably. But when I got home, last night, I found I had an equally hard time falling asleep without her next to me. Irony abounds.

For those curious, the newest draft of my screenplay TALES FROM ATOM CITY has been uploaded on I plan on finding some compititions to send said script out to, only I wanted the feedback just to make sure that it is solid.

If you would like to read said script, I have found a way around the Triggerstreet system and just by CLICKING ON THIS LINK* you will be directed to an online pdf version of the script.

Once again, just CLICK ON THIS LINK**

This is a limited time offer. I plan on taking down the link in one week from today, just because I get to nervous having my work uploaded all over the place. It is a wga registered script (which is akin to getting it copywritten) but still, I get nervous. Thus, if you care to read it, and you are under no obligation to do so, I hope you enjoy.

Oh yeah, terms of note: INT.=Interior; EXT.=Exterior, I/E.=Both Interior and Exterior (the director gets to choose which parts of the convesation are filmed from which angle); MONTAGE = a series of shots juxtaposed to tell a larger story; (V.O)=Voice Over; (O.S)=Off Screen. And I think that's all you need to know. And for those curious, the general rule of thumb is one page in a script = one minute of screen time.

And I goofed on the title page. It says "Something into Nothing" which was the old working title. Tales From Atom City is the new working title. If any of you actually do read this, and have a brilliant idea for a real title, please let me know. I am crap when it comes to coming up with titles.

Cheers for now.

*Though it took me a while, I finally followed through on my threat (or reward depending on whether or not you liked the script) and the link has been taken down.
**See previous footnote.


Nonny said...

This whole post is gay ;)

I'll definitely check out your screenplay when I get home tonight. I didn't realize one page=one minute. That's crazy!

Do you trust me enough to think of a title?

Amichai said...

I trust anyone who can give me a good title.

Princess Pessimism said...

I ALSO hate people who zoom out of a parking lot to get ahead of you (of course this always happens when traffic is only one lane in each direction, and no passing), and then they slow down to turtle speed, and you wind up riding their ass.

THEN when they finally pull over to let you pass them, they give you the disgusted evil eye, and think that they've done nothing wrong.

rawbean said...

You know you can always get people going by mentionin traffic. Today at lunch, Chantoon and i went to the store for a snack and as we were pulling in this guy was sitting trying to pull out and he was basically blocking the entrance with his fat ass car. He wasn't even pointing in the direction of traffic. I basically had to climb the curve to get around him and I gave him a dirty look as I did it. He returned the look with a crazy yelping sound. It said "I know I'm a loser but fuck you anyways."

So...this script of yours, is it the one I downloaded and started reading awhile back? The one with the art-deco backdrops?

Amichai said...

PP - I know, it's freaking horrible.

Rawbean - yeah, same script, just a newer (and hopefully better) draft

Big Ben said...

I'll check it out. I once wrote a script for a porn movie. "Hi, I'm the Pizza guy, wanna fuck?" - it was brilliant.

Fridaysweb said...

Tomorrow looks like a good day for me to read your screenplay. I'm looking forward to a fun day, for a change, so I'll treat myself to hot tea, hot soup, soft music and a good read. I'll see what I can come up with, but I kinda like the title you have now. Of course, Ben, up there, seems to have a knack for the short & sweet titles, huh?

Traffic sucks. Philip just came back from Atlanta and told me all about the 8 lane freeway (all one direction) and I got jittery just listening. In heavy traffic, I prefer to be the passenger. Reading a good book. Or screenplay :)