Friday, August 03, 2007

Why so glum chum?

I was going to post a bit about my evening this past Wenesday. Well, I was thinking about it anyway. It's been a bit hectic as my schedule for the past two days have been three parts work to a half a part sleep and a half a part eat. It's been exhasting. Never the less it was an interesing evening.

But lo, to my surprise J_ with her first real food blogging, has beaten me to the punch. If you'd like to see what happened and learn about cool food in NYC please go to her blog.

Also, I promise that this won't become just a contant plug to hers, but I'm still pretty psyched for her and her much better writing (well, much better than mine anyway). Next posting will sure to be as narcissitic as always. Don't you fret.

1 comment:

Big Ben said...

Spice this blog up - how's the sex life with this J?

I'll have to check out her site to see if she's making anything with a lot of chocolate and whipped cream!