Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fodder for potential stories (and other links of interest)

This is more for my own personal files than it will be for your reading pleasure, though if you want to know the type of stuff that grabs my interest, please enjoy this list of links to various news stories.

Some are bits that spark ideas to be used or modified for future fiction I might conceive, whilst the others are just kinda neat. I haven't verified or done any real fact checking, yet. Needless to say that if any wind up in a story idea more research will be done.

ps3 smarter than supercomputers (

this is just more mean than ironic, but talk about false advertising...

Slacker sex comedy maybe? Anything about breasts usually sells (

not synaesthetic , but seeing eye tongues (

the real TIE (twin ion engines) fighters. (

plants that clean as they grow (

They grew Hitler's brain (not really but still sounds better than they grew a tiny brain in a petri dish - which actually does sound pretty cool the more I think about it). This is definitely story-worth, science fiction meet science fact (

there is a comic book story waiting to grow from this (the discovery channel online, I think)


Slightly older news but still pretty cool (

there is a story in this somewhere, especially, the bit about the abandoned but fully stocked life raft but I need to verify from a more reputable source. (

so congress doesn't completely suck (

I guess he never watches futurama and heeded the warnings of the space pope (

I guess that's all for now, hope you had as much fun as I did.

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