Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why I list links (or hey it's wenesday again)

So, really, I know very few people actually read this blog. Thus, those few that do might wonder why I, every so often, post random lists of links instead of writing something moderately more interesting. The answer is twofold and pretty simple. First, I'm a pretty boring person and don't usually have something interesting to post. Second, the lists are more for me, to refer back to at a later time, as most have sparks for story ideas. That's why a lot of them are science-y in nature. If I don't compile them somewhere, then I will forget them and good story ideas go down the drain. This is just the easiest forum for me to keep track.

And on that note, more links of interest:

Humans evolving faster and faster

I don't understand it but it deals with the previous link.

Falling from heights and surviving sans parachute.

because I think Space Travel is awesome. It's mind blowing

so there isn't any story here, but this is just crazy. Rooftop tennis to the extreme.

Herbal medicine, wormood is good for the Crohns. (Wormwood is what absinthe is made out of)

Who needs a mongoose when we already have squirrels?

Growing cells into new shapes, this can be useful (for science and for my fiction)

A study as to how visual perceptions skew our mental projections and other scenes (ie we rely heavily on visual cues and create differences even when none exist)

Invisibility cloak, interesting if true.

Why we dream, rehearsals for disasters.

Wild! But maybe they only found white kryptonite

So I can watch this at home because the computer at work has no sound. - check it out, looks like it could be funny.

Strange strange deaths.

I need to hear this with sound.

Genetic story idea or at least help for my own story.

Robot evolution. How robots learn to lie in order to survive.

Why would anyone actually do this? Two games played simultaniously with the same controller.

Alternate to spider-mans sticky powers.

Man returns to army after sex change operation.

The future of cyberpunk dialog. Kinda makes me wish I had a cell phone to figure this stuff out.

I don't really think that god wants it done this way. Seems to defeat the purpose of prayer.

There is a romantic comedy in here somewhere.

Cool but weird, with a potential bad turn for the rabbit, though maybe Disney would like the rights for their next animation.

A neat new theory trying to explain the universe.

I just think it's neat that we are still discovering new species on this planet. The diversity of life is just amazing.


rawbean said...

Isn't your spell check picking up on your crazy spelling of Wednesday??

Amichai said...

apparently not.