Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I don't post often

It's true. I don't. But I find I have less and less to actually post about. I've given up on the lists I was going to write because I realized that after I wrote them they were not only inane, but boring, and why subject any potential reader to that.

In other news, I'm getting a bit into LastFM.com and I have created a short play list I'm trying to figure out how to get on this page. If I figure it out you will be subjected to random songs from artists I'm not too familiar with myself.

The playlist will hopefully change regularly (but given that I'm the one working on it, who knows how regular I'll actually do it). And be filled with new artists I'm discovering. Most likely, since I'm not even a little bit cool or in the know, the artists in question will not be new to you. But they are new to me. Some I'll start off liking and then realize I don't care for them so much, while others might become new favorites. This is me trying to find new music without actually spending money I don't have on albums I wish I knew more about.

(So I kinda cribbed the idea from Rawbean, so what? Just because she has all the good ideas first doesn't mean that she's better than me)*

*(Alright, so she is better than me, so what?)

1 comment:

rawbean said...

"cribbed the idea" awesome language going on....I have yet to check out your list but plan to as you have great taste!!