Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oh happy day

Good news everybody.

First Charlie is moving back to the grand ol' USA, and only about two hours away from me, which makes the news even greater. She is by far my favorite favorite friend with whom I barely speak. I'm just really bad about keeping up my correspondences.

The second cool thing, I'm updating this blog via my new iPod touch. I wanted to move to the city with a friend but can't really afford to right now, so to console myself I purchased this handy gizmo. Yes, I know such purchases will keep me in queens even longer, but shut up about it- why can't you let me have anything cool? Jerks.

I don't think I'll ever post using this again because now my thumbs kinda hurt and it took way too long. I don't know how kids text all day long. It would drive me nuts.

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