Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Don't Shoot the Messenger

today at work:

Boss Lady: Ami take this briefcase to 420 lexington, call this number, and give it to Dave, who will be waiting in his car.

In my head: that doesn't sound sketchy at all.
at 420 Lex I make the call

Dave: I'm not there, I'm in a black escalade at the corner of 50th and 3rd. Bring the briefcase to me there.

At the corner of 50th and 3rd there is a black escalade with all it's windows tinted completely black and a very obese man (Dave) who looks like he stepped out of an episode of the Sopranos.

Me: Are you Dave?

Dave: Yep, that's for me?

And I hand him the briefcase. A hand reaches from the back and quickly takes the case from Dave. I didn't even know there was anybody in there.

Dave (jokingly): Do I need to sign anything?

Me: Uh.....

In my head: What the hell did I just do? This was legal, right? I can't go to jail. I'm too pretty to be locked up.


rawbean said...

Haha that's awesome! I guess you don't know what was in the briefcase?

The last time you wrote about work you had two jobs:

1) starbucks - I'm guessing it wasn't coffee in the briefcase

2) Tribeca? Scripts/Writing - was it a script? Is it for a secret movie??

We need more information.

PS I never got my CD. I'm guessing that is why you avoid my blog now - but don't! And you won't add me on! What the F?

Oh god I sound like a stalker. Scratch the PS from the record.

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