Sunday, March 06, 2005

You're on my list!

I used to try and keep a journal. Never worked. For some reason I've been able to keep with this.

Anyway, ala George Carlin (though not as funny), a list of things that bother me:

Self righteous people who adamantly claim there is no god, or conversly, adamantly claim that there is one (or many, depending on the faith). People so sure of something completly beyond the scope of human understanding.

People who think homosexuality is a choice. And in that same vein, people who claim to be "cured" homosexuals.

Apricot jelly.

People who give Comic Books and (to a lesser extent) Science fiction a bad name, i.e:
- who dress in "uniforms" when they go to star trek conventions.
- who dress in costume when they go to comic book conventions.
- but mostly people who dress as such out in public (to jury duty know who I'm talking about).

Fake accents.

Any sentance with the words oriental vs. occidental (or vice versa)

Untitled poems, short stories, and peices of art. That's just lazy pretentiousness.

Obtuse films (David Lynch, I'm pointing at you; and P.T Anderson, don't think you're getting away with anything, I'm on to you).

Nom Chomsky.

Internet lingo (lol, lmao, ymmv, and so on) and the idiots who use them. How fucking hard is it to type a full goddman sentance?

People who use interent lingo in real conversation.

The fact that I hated France back before it was cool to. I'm still pissed about that whole Dryfuss affair.


There's more but for now I'll leave it at that. I think you get the general idea.

Carry on then....

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