Sunday, May 22, 2005

revenge of the uber nerd

I'm off to see the new starts wars movie. But be not afraid, I don't dress in costume nor do I know the various lore and legends of the Lucasverse. I'm not expecting to like it (I watched the second prequel in fast forward and still felt it was a waste of my time), yet I feel obligated to see it. Another ten dollars wasted. Hopefully we can put this, yet another unsatisfying chapter in our movie going history, to rest.

Be aware, I am not done. More to come upon my viewing.

uh.... carry on then (for now)


Amber said...

I'm not the only one?

I went to see it, and got to have the EXPERIENCE of being there. Plus, I got to see Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker duking it out in the isles!

Bus Rider said...

My boyfriend nearly threw a fit when I met him at the theater on opening day wearing my Star Wars t-shirt. Hey, I don't mind being a nerd! It's way more fun than being normal.

Amichai said...

there's wearing a star wars shirt, and then there's dressing up like Chewbacca. I might wear my flash t-shirt to a comic convention, but I'm not going to wear a flash uniform. I'm definately a dork, as are many of my freinds, it's the obsessive ones that scare me.