Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Note To Self:

On days scheduled to open Starbucks (5:30 AM), DON'T drive out with freinds to Long Beach that same evening, especially if you don't know how to navigate through Long Island.

Addendum: Go back to Long Beach when better rested.

Also, I hate the beach, but love the ocean. Someone should develop a snow shoe but for sand to keep ones feet (and shoes) from being drenched in sand.

So Very Tired.


Princess Pessimism said... the opposite. I love the beach, but dont care for the ocean...i'm afraid of fish....and there are things lurking under the water....if something touched me in there, i'd DIE!

Nonny said...

Princess is cracking me up everywhere I go today. She might actually hate nature even more than me.

Jesus buddy could you BE a bigger baby. "I'm tired." "I have sand on my feet." Boo Hoo. And they do make shoes for the beach, they're called "water socks", ever hear of them?

Amichai said...

It's not the sand on my feet so much as still finding sand in my shoes the next day. I opened yesterday and went to the beach last night. Thus these water socks intrigue me.

I am tired, so nuts to you Nonny (if that is in fact your real name).

Fridaysweb said...

Ah, I love the beach and the ocean, both. There's such a sense of freedome there. North Carolina beaches are better, though :P hehe

Make a fashion statement or start a new trend. Take the regular rubber thong/flip-flops and attach garbage bags to them, preventing sand from getting anywhere below one's kneeline. I bet it'd sell. Especially if it were in Florida near a retirement resort.

rawbean said...

Amichai, I'm just impressed with all your adventure action lately.

Are you still coming to Winnipeg in August? You didn't think I'd forget did you?