Sunday, June 04, 2006

Because Rawbean asked

From August 25th until the 27th I shall be in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have a wedding to attend (and I really should RVSP) on the 27th and I'm awfully excited.

And for any other stalkers who need to be updated as to my plans, I shall be in Phillidelphia from June 16th until the 18th for a bachelor weekend for the groom of the aforementioned wedding up in Canada.

Philly is all set, there's about five of us all crashing at a freinds place.

Canada is a entirely different sotry. I need to find cheap airfare to and then cheap accomidations while in the frozen north. I'm still waiting for the day when instant teleportation is both technologically viable and cheap enough for the public to use. That and flying cars. Man, that would be sweet.

Things to do before the wedding: find a good dry cleaners for my suit, get my shoes shined, and maybe buy a nice new shirt and tie. Also find out where they are registered (dear god please somewhere that has an outlet in Northeast USA) and buy a wedding present. But I still have plenty of time (said the hare right before he took a nap in the middle of the race).


Nonny said...

Your gonna be gone on my birthday. I don't think I can allow that.

Amichai said...

so it's better to be in ny for your birthday than winnipeg?

rawbean said...

"I'm awfully excited"

Is that sarcasm? I would just like to say, it isn't that cold here. It was about 86F on the weekend. Is that what you consider frozen? I hope you bring only wool sweaters. That will teach you!

They are probably registered somewhere close to where they live so they can pick up the loot at home instead of hauling it back.

I think you can either fly to Minneapolis and then up to Winnipeg on Northwest OR to Toronto from NY and over to Winnipeg on AirCanada or Westjet.

I wonder if I know your friends that are getting married. It isn't impossible.

Amichai said...

i think they are going to live in maryland which just makes everything that much more annoying.

i am in fact excited, so there.

the groom is from my hometown in massachusettes, the bride's name is Avital something or other. can't really remember her last name, but she's only 23 and went to a jewish day school until college. so if you know an avital who works in jewish education it's probably the same one.

and have you ever noticed how annoying the tanquray commercials are? very, that's how.

piu piu said...

i've been to winnipeg.....

have fun...

there is a cool martini bar there... at least there was 6 yrs ago

rawbean said...


Is the girl's last name Ludwig? And his her dad a lawyer? I asked our receptionist who is Jewish and active in her community. She said she only knew one Avital. See small world.

Anonymous said...


i'm shutting my blog down and relocating

things have got crazy here

i also took all the links off my site first...

i will be in touch - !

piu x