Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Notes from the underbelly

Stomach's a' rumblin'. I gots to get me some food.

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Fridaysweb said...

Dude! Please don't turn off your comments! I promise I read. I just have been entirely too slack at responding to anyone, lately. I'm so sorry :(

Now, on to prior entries: as hard as it may be, let yourself off the hook where the 'rents go. Despite their disappointment in the lying, and perhaps the fact that you're dating a Gentile (wait, does semi-Buddhist count as a Gentile?), deep down you know they want you to be happy. Remind them, regularly, how happy J_ makes you. Remind them that age is only a number (unless you were dating a 15 year old...then...well...) and you and J_ are the only ones who should worry about that part. We fall in love with who we fall in love with. That's that. Remind J_ how much you care for her as often as possible. Don't smother her, but make sure she feels like the center of the universe when you are together. She should do the same for you; although, we gals often don't express that part in a way that shows as much as you guys can. If she takes your hand just on a whim, it means she loves you and loves letting others know you are a couple. If she offers to pay for dinner because "you always do so much for [me]", let her, at least every now and then. I could go on, but then I'd be writing an advice column and I'm not quite that good ;)