Tuesday, July 01, 2008

If you can read this you need to go outside more often

1 Ð0n'7 µnÐ3r$74nÐ wh¥ p30p£3 w0µ£Ð 3v3r 7¥p3 £1|{3 7h1$. 17 $33m$ n07 0n£¥ 70 b3 4 w4$73 0ƒ 71m3 4nÐ 7¥p1n9 3n3r9¥, bµ7 4£$0 4 £3$$ (£3v3r w4¥ 70 7r¥ 4nÐ $h0w 07h3r p30p£3 h0w n3rÐ¥ ¥0µ r34££¥ 4r3? H0w Ð1Ð 7h3 wr1773n 3n9£1$h £4n9µ493 $µÐÐ3n£¥ 937 $0 p4$$3?

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