Monday, September 08, 2008

In an infinit universe I cannot confirm or deny anything

The weekend happened. That can be said for certain. Anything beyond that is anyone's guess.

Things that may or may not have occurred this weekend:

- The universe, inexplicably (as most things in the universe are) imploded and life as we knew it ended, only to explode, expanded and pick things off exactly where it left off, leaving none of us residents of this new universe any the wiser.

- I went to a small music festival to raise money for Food Not Bombs called Feminfest in a clearly condemned buiding.

- A small boy off the coast of Maine realized that he wants to be an train engineer when he grows up. The fact that all trains that survive in the future will be run by robots will be no deterrent to this little boy, as he also realized he wants to be a robot when he grows up.

- I had three cheese tortellini for dinner at my brother's apartment on Friday night and discussed how we would make the next Superman movie if we were able to start from scratch. I'd keep Lex Luthor as the main villain, while he would prefer someone not seen in the movies yet, like Brianiac.

- Bands that played in the music festival in the lower east side Plastiq Passion, She Knows Best, She Eats Planets, Shiragirl, In Deepest Sleep, and Mal Blum.

- The bands in question were mostly punk, and mostly lesbian (throughout the course of my adult life I have had a strange affinity with lesbians, remind me to tell you about it sometime).

- The current President of the United States realized the sort of mess he created, felt really bad about it for a minute, then realized that it was too late to fix his mess, and decided the person who gets the job next can sort it all out. Basically how the previous president felt, and the one previous to that, going all the way back to President Washington - who really did try his best to do the right things.

- I secretly fell in love with the drummer of Plastiq Passion, who was pretty cute (a plus), a drummer (for some reason I'm a sucker for girl drummers), and wore a Superman T-shirt that said SAVE ME on the back (very sexy to a complete dork like me). It is of course not meant to be as I will never see her again, and am pretty sure she's dating the lead singer, who I wasn't positive was a girl, until it was pointed out to me by my only friend at the show (who is one of the trio from She Knows Best - the whole reason I went to the festival in the first place).

- 70 Million Light years away, on a small red-green-ish planet orbiting around a type O blue star, a singular inhabitant figured out how to keep everyone in the entire universe happy, and create a peaceful co-existence for everyone - even people it didn't know. This sudden epiphany drew its attention away from everything else, and didn't see the flight of stairs, which it consequently fell down. The fall snapped its fragile body in two. Since it was not the type of creature that could live in two separate pieces it died, taking the secret of eternal happiness with it to the grave.

- Of the bands I saw, I would recommend (in the order that they played at the show) Plastiq Passion, She Knows Best, and Mal Blum.

More things may or may not have occurred, but if I were to list all every possible occurrence of this past weekend this post will never end.

Happy week to you all.


rawbean said...

Cute post! And hey you fixed your little music player.

rawbean said...
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Anonymous said...

mal blum isn't a lesbian

pp said...

hey this is plastiq passion. we too question the gender of our lead sinqer. how about you come to our next show and we will have a lovely discussion about it.