Tuesday, September 02, 2008

idea for a story

Main character starts off as an evil bastard. Comes from a very shakespearian background. Step father killed his actually father to take over the family business (something verging on mob related with out actually going into mafia styled cliche). Main character was abused by his real father, but left with enough dough never to have to work, ever. Thinks he's bad-ass, really just a bit psychotic. Decides to kill his step-father and mother for having his father killed (even though he hated his father, this guy is the kind of fucked up that it doesn't matter).

His plan fails miserably, and he gets shot in the head by his step-father after being tortured for a bit.

He wakes up alive a few days later where ever his body was dumped (swamp, shallow grave, river, whatever). He is completely unharmed, as if he was never shot in the first place.

He tries to go back to his life, but has a new sense of calm that he never had before. he starts taking the time to figure out who he is, what sort of guy he was and who he wants to be. A real soul searching. He is not the same guy he was before he was killed. He meets a girl of course. A girl who he knew back before he died. She was the only one in the local coffeeshop/diner/wherever that he went to regularly that dealt with him. All the other employees hated helping him. She hated it too, but would bear it because she's just a very nice person. He's changed and he apologizes and they start talking. Through the story, though it isn't a love story, she helps him find himself. They don't fall in love. More of a mutual understanding. He helps her with some sort of problem she's having. I don't know. Crazy ex-boyfriend, back payment on student loans, something pretty common to all people, the shit we all have to deal with, only for her multiplied a bit.

His parents wanted to cash in on his small fortune, thinking that he's dead. they discover he's still alive somehow. He starts interacting with them a bit, as if nothing ever happened. Freaking them out. He's torn. Does he want to try and move on with his life or does he want his revenge?

His step-dad attacks, and this takes him back to all the old shit he had to deal with. he can't get in contact with the girl, and decides that he's going back for the step-dad.

epic fight, this time though he wins. His step-dad is at his mercy. He has one final option, kill him, or walk away. He kills him. Shooting his step-father through the head just like he was shot.

He walks away, feeling satisfied, when he feels a trickle of blood down his forhead. he reaches up and discovers that the wound that killed him in the beginning returns just as magically and mysteriously as it left. he falls down dead.

He leaves his money to the girl and this helps her solve whatever big problem she had.

Themes to touch on: the purpose of self-discovery, can someone ever really change, and revenge as not only useless, but detrimental.

Nothing that original, which is why I'm posting it here in this form instead of really trying to write it out. Maybe as a short story. I don't know. Needs a lot of work.


rawbean said...

I'd watch/read it! Keep it going amichai...keep it going.

PS Your music player covers up part of the text in the body of your blog. I had this same problem - you need to edit it in the html.

Invisible G. said...

Wow, very fleshed out plot. I likee. Transformation from bad guy to good guy is always enticing to explore. Good luck with it!