Wednesday, July 06, 2005

bad mood

Yeah, I'm in a bad mood and I don't know why. Had a good long weekend: Providence, Rhode island from Friday 'till Sunday, then Boston (Cambridge, Somerville really) from Sunday 'till Tuesday. Saw lots of friends, ate lots of food, didn't see fireworks (didn't really care too) and finished both my books (Generation X - Douglas Coupland and Assassination Vacation - Sara Vowell), both excellent.

Anyway, I'm posting a new story on my other blog Here. It's an older one, though never been posted I've re-edited a bit. Posting this one because it fits my current mood. I stole an idea from it to use in a screenplay that got to the top ten on triggersteet, which really isn't saying much. But those who might have read the script be aware, the short story came first.

Enjoy, and as always fresh insight and critique is always welcomed (and encouredged).

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