Monday, October 17, 2005

Hedonism bot's favorite websites

My brother just bought seasons three and four of futurerama which is why the title.

Anyway, I'm not nearly as frivolous and celebrity obsessed as these links make me seem. But I thought they were funny, and though most people out there probably already know what they are (as I found the second from the first) they are new to me.

Any for your hedonistic pleasure I give you
Go Fug Yourself
White Trash Palace


Fridaysweb said...

I have nothing useful to say today, but wanted to drop a big howdy your way. :) Hope you have a great Monday!

Nonny said...

I have been a long time reader of "Go Fug Yourself", those women are hilarious! Was not familiar with "White Trash Palace" after a look I see I already own everything they are advertising :)