Monday, October 10, 2005


I think my brother's cat is spying on me. As I sit here typing away he (the cat) lays pretending to sleep. How do I know it's pretending? It's right front paw is draped over it's eyes (a wierd sleeping position to say the least). I think it's trying to trick me, see even though the paw is draped over the eyes, its eyes aren't closed, and it's peeking out at me from behind its own paw. Watching me. I don't know what it expects me to do, but there we go. It'd be really cute, if it wasn't so freaky.

I can imagine it slinking off to it's own tiny computer later, typing away in its sending a message to its kitty overloards:
Slept most of the day, watched the strange new human who has arrived. He is different than all the others; he doesn't leave as frequently, in fact I'm beginning ot suspect he is like me, and isn't allowed out of the house. In other news, the older female human once again stole my excrement. Almost every day the humans come down and scoop it away. I can't imagine what they use it for, or what they want it so badly. I must observe some more. But I need to be subtle, I think the new human was onto me, so to throw him off I immediatly started cleaning my genitals. I got so, er, carried away, that I did not notice him leave. I must go, I hear them fast approaching.

End communications


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Amber said...

do not ever ever ever ever stop writing.

E.B. Noodles said...

Gosh, that was good.