Sunday, July 31, 2005

this is such a pain in the...

For a while (as in this past month) I've had a pain shooting down the right side of my neck. As the time has passed it's dimmed to a dull throb, or disapears completely letting me forget about it, that is until I tilt my head up. Then the sharp pain kicks into gear. It's one of those things I'd like to think will just go away by itself. I should probably see a doctor, but I am poor and uninsured, so maybe a free clinic. If I was insured I still probably wouldn't see a doctor, because I'm just that sort of idiot.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Take that you hippie freaks!

As someone who has no health insurance I prefer to try and find ways to prevent illness without the use of proper medical advice. Echinacea has always been in my stock of preventative medicines, mostly in tea form for when I get sick. Echinacea and vitamin C (gallons upon gallons of OJ consumed regularly) were my main tools to stay healthy.

Apparently I was wrong. As reported in the New York Times (well really first in the New England medical journal):

Echinacea, the herbal supplement made from purple coneflower and used by millions of Americans to prevent or treat colds, neither prevented colds nor eased cold symptoms in a large and rigorous study.

Stupid hippies with their free love (which arguably is way better than paying for it) and herbal loving remedies. I'll never listen to you guys again. From now on all my medical advice will come from Emo-rockers, certainly they must know where it's at.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Juvenile delinquents

I always feel like such an idiot walking into the library, heading straight for the YA section to read the graphic novels (ie. comic books) I can't afford at the moment. I don't feel like an idiot because I can't afford them, rather that I have to walk into the section filled with 13-16 year olds playing some sort of online computer games, to get my graphic literature. I feels eyes boring into the back of my head as I browse ("look at that dork, still reading comic books").

Yeah, I like comic books, so what?

But shocked me the most is the nature of some of said graphic literature in the YA section. The librarians, who don't read the comics themselves (and I'm not advocating that they should, or that there is anything wrong with not reading comics) assume that if there are pictures it's for kids. This could get a library in serious trouble. Some comics contain images not suitable for young adults (at least by certain adults or parents).

For instance, if Preacher, the award winning series Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, were made into a movie it would definitely be rated R. Strong religious themes and theological debates arise amidst a sea of sex, nudity, and blood. It is smart, funny, but with out a doubt adult (Adult as in a R rated movie, not a porno). If I had a thirteen year old child I probably wouldn't have a problem having him or her read it, but I know there are parents out there that would forbid it from their house.

And if teenager, or child took out a comic like Preacher from the library, and their parents don't approve of that sort of mature content for said child/teenager it's the comic that gets blamed for the content, not the library for putting it in the wrong section because "comics are for kids."

I know, I know, this is just a hypothetical, but stuff like that happens more often than we think, but mostly to comic shops than libraries (as most people I know aren't even aware libraries carry comics). Check out the comic book legal defense fund for more info.

I'm just sick of the bad rep comics get.

Anyway, rant over. Bah, humbug.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Friday, July 22, 2005


Ok, but at least I can spell Tuesday.

Anyway, as the title suggests, today is my birthday. I'm 25 years old and some odd hours (about 15 and a half). I'm not doing anything special nor am I expecting any presents (my bastard of a best friend already sent me one - which is one more than I really wanted, but honestly I'm glad he sent it to me, it was very nice of him, so thank you Jason). I took the final Sara Vowell book I haven't yet read (Radio On!) out of the library and will content myself to read it out on the porch. For the past three years I've had surprise parties on my birthday (two of which I was actually surprised) and am content this year, now that I'm a quarter century years old, to relax and celebrate my birthday in quiet contemplation.

So cheers to me, and anyone who happens to be going out this evening be sure to drink an extra drink in my honor.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

random thought

Every so often I feel like I should know more yiddish than I do. At present this is the extent of the yiddish I know:

Tuchis/tush- Butt (one's behind)

Schpilchis- excess energy, like ants in your pants

Shmie/smie- to look around, to browse

Milchik- dairy

Flieschic- meat

Parve- neither meat nor dairy.

and that's all.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

a pounding not unlike the energizer bunny

I don't really like my father's computer. I'm a mac person, and he used to be, but has since (to be compatible with work) switched over to the dark side. I'm staying at his place until Tuesday - got here Friday - and it was a mistake to come. It was a mistake because my life is full of cruel ironies. For instance, I'm a cat person. Can't stand dogs. Dogs smell funny, take up too much time and energy, and can never be left alone. Cats only smell funny around the litter box, and if you are smart and buy good cat litter the smell is negligble and in an area of the house you infrequently visit. Cats are much more independent, but good ones will respond when spoken to and also love playing (and this playing induces a minimal energy expendature on the owners side of the equation). Not only that, you can't curl up with a dog and read a book or watch TV. A cat, however, couldn't be more content sitting on your lap as you read, watch TV, or even sleep. And cats don't bark obsessivly everytime someone walks by your house.

My father has two cats. Oscar and Felix; brothers named after the odd couple (one has fluffy bright orange fur, the other has black, grey and white peppered short fur). I have cat allergies. We had a cat when I was younger and I didn't have a problem, I shared a cat with my roomates in my first apartment four years ago (he is currently living with one of my former roommates in New Orleans - lucky bastard)and I still didnt' have a problem. But they were short hair cats and it wasn't a big deal. Felix - the fluffy bright orange one - is too much for me. His dander is everywhere and I need to be on a constant regiment of antihistamines to breath. In the winter it wasn't so bad, most of his fur stayed on his body. It's summer now and he's shedding like a made man (er, cat). It's hot, incredibly and incredibly humid in Queens and his fur is everywhere. I can only breath standing up. Once I lie down at least one nostril clogs up and I feel sinus pressure building behind my eyes and in my ears. Thus, I can't fall asleep. I was up until 7 in the AM when - thank the lord - it rained, temporarily relieving the humidity and much of my nasal pressure. I slept for a total of three and a half hours before I was forced awake by the unbareable sinus pressure building beneath my face. I'm just thankful I'm not a big enough dork to get random nose bleeds. Thank heavens for small favors

My neck hurts too, but I don't know why, and it's been hurting all week. It's kinda scary actually, but I'm too poor and unemployed (lacking health insurance) to see a doctor. C'est la vie.

So I'm beat, have a bit of a sinus headache, my stomachs doing the weird thing it does when I don't get enough sleep, and I'm home alone for the day (folks and a sibling went off to a wedding for the day, a wedding I was not invited to, bah, humbug). I have a car but am too tired to drive anywhere for fear of getting in an accident - also I don't really know my way around even in optimal conditions. My big plan is to go the the movie theater around the corneer and watch at least one really stupid movie (the Fantastic 4 is in my immediate future, that or Mr. and Mrs. Smith; I promised my Mother I'd see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with her so that'll have to wait).

Enough complaining. I'm going to try and come up with a clever title for this entry and then hopefully collapse into a bed and sleep for a few more hours.

That's all for now so be good little boys and girls, and remember to eat all your vegitables.

Oh yeah, since this is my pops computer I'm to lazy to figure out how to spell check this, so any words that are misspelled will remain that way until I get back home on Tuesday or Wendseday.

**NOTE** 1:15 PM
I finally updated my blog including Amber's life weblog. I check it frequently and have been meaning to add a link but was jut too lazy or forgetful. Anyway, it's up now in the link section. Feel free to check it out. As noted hers is far more intersting than mine.

Carry on then....

Sunday, July 10, 2005

bring in da noyse

Once again, anybody out there at all interested in my opinions (don't jump up all at once. Anyone? Anyone? Fine, be that way!) feel free to read my review of the new film War of the Worlds right HERE or my review of Me and You and Everyone We Know over HERE.

Both at The

Thanks for placating my humble ego.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

bad mood

Yeah, I'm in a bad mood and I don't know why. Had a good long weekend: Providence, Rhode island from Friday 'till Sunday, then Boston (Cambridge, Somerville really) from Sunday 'till Tuesday. Saw lots of friends, ate lots of food, didn't see fireworks (didn't really care too) and finished both my books (Generation X - Douglas Coupland and Assassination Vacation - Sara Vowell), both excellent.

Anyway, I'm posting a new story on my other blog Here. It's an older one, though never been posted I've re-edited a bit. Posting this one because it fits my current mood. I stole an idea from it to use in a screenplay that got to the top ten on triggersteet, which really isn't saying much. But those who might have read the script be aware, the short story came first.

Enjoy, and as always fresh insight and critique is always welcomed (and encouredged).