Sunday, January 15, 2006

Haven't had a night like this since college

Still tired, perhaps too tired to come up with a clever way to relate the details, but if I don't write it now, I probably never will.

Last night, whilst in the midst of watching the episode of Monk I DVRed the phone rang. As I infrequently receive phone calls at this house I turned to my pops and said, "It's for you." I didn't know if it was actually for him, I just didn't want to get off the couch and answer the phone.

Sure enough, my father answered and started laughing because the call was in fact for me.

"Hi, Ami?"
"How are you?"
"I'm fine."
"Do you know who this is?" I had absolutely no clue who "this" was. I thought maybe my freind Charlie in Boston, but Charlie wouldn't ask me if I know that it was her, also, I know Charlie's voice, she's one of my best pals. Thus:
"Er... No. I don't."
"It's J---." She answered. (I don't know why but I am keeping it anonymous).
"How did you get this number?" I asked. J--- is one of my co-workers at Starbucks. We get along really well. We aren't best buds or anything, but we almost always have fun when working with each other (there is a lot of good busting of chops involved).
"It's on the partner list. How would you like to lose your money playing poker?"

Yes, it is true, I am a very poor poker player. It isn't that I don't know how to play. I just have an incredibly readable face (I can't bluff to save my life) and I tend to fold too quickly. There was a previous poker night at Starbucks and a few employees thought it would be fun to do it again. Not doing anything else that evening I went down to Starbucks to meet up with four other fellow off duty employees, to play. First we drove to J---'s house but couldn't play there because there was an electrical short, basically a power outage.

Not having anywhere else to play, we drove back to Starbucks, stole a table from the customers and put it in the surveillance camera blind spot in the back room and played poker until closing time. It was very simple. We each put in six bucks (yes we are young and poor), and played until those six bucks were spent. The person who has all the money in the end wins. Blinds were doubled after each round. I of course was the first person knocked out.

At 10:45 we finished up. Since the night was still young we decided to go bowling. We were only able to bowl one string since J--- had to be home by 12:30. I expected to lose as my bowling skills are sub par. I guess it all really depends on with whom you bowl as I won with only a 99 (I couldn't even break 100).

J--- and E--- left leaving the five that we were down to three. Still feeling like it was early, the three of us decide to find a place to play pool.

The first place we went was a very nice bar. By which I mean nicer than any other bar I've yet been too. The kind you always see in the movies in cool blue with hip music playing and weird screens and images projected, where everyone is somewhere between 23-35 dressed well (well as in clubbing attire, not suits or such) with far too much disposable income (comparatively anyway).

Their was a 40 minute wait for a table so instead we drove down to a place I was much more comfortable in. Large, a bit creaky, poorly maintained billiard tables and some sort of watered down $2.00 beer on tap (only two different brands). We got ourselves a table, played nine ball for about an hour, realizing that we weren't very good, and that the thrill had ended, we decided to stop.

It was a little after two in the morning by that point. Both people I was with had to open the store at 5:30 AM about three and a half hours away. They decided that since they were up so late, why not just stay up until they have to open. And on that thoroughly irrational decision we drove to the Georgia Peach diner. I was pushing for a real greasy spoon diner, something where you can get a bottomless cup of coffee and pie for two bucks. The Georgia peach is a bit more high class, and the food was more expensive than a diner ought to be.

Regardless, we all ordered grilled cheese sandwiches and coffee (tea for me) and bickered over the poor music choices offered by the table jukebox, and just hung out until around 5 when we realized we needed to get back to the Starbucks.

The night had turned cold and the rain into snow. Queens was relatively quiet and blanketed in snow, I'd have to say almost peaceful, as we drove down the LIE.

It was the snow that made my night though. I've been waiting far too long for real snow here in New York. I didn't quite realize it before, but the New England blood coursing through my veins yearned for real winter snow, and real winter cold. It was more satisfying that it probably should have been, and I was the only person not complaining about the weather.

I haven't slept since then, as I didn't want to ruin my sleep schedule. I shall probably crash in about an hour or two and sleep until morning, when it is then time for me to go to work. So, on this note I wish you good night.


rawbean said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I am really glad you didn't have to work this morning cause that would have just been PAINFUL.

I remember back in University I was out going crazy (alcohol was involved) with some friends. I got home around seven a.m., slept for an hour and went to my part time job the next morning. That was the worst day of my life. In fact I didn't even make it to the end of my shift and I had to go home earlier before I keiled over and died. I shudder just thinking about it.

HitManJ said...

Ahh, real winter snow...that would ROCK. I traveled all the way to Cleveland, OH and only saw melting snow...the nasty slushy stuff.

Maybe someday!

Fridaysweb said...

Oooh, I've done the stay up all night then try to work, thing. Ugh, it's awful, for sure. Especially when one is way hungover (I was actually still drunk when I arrived at work!). Amichai, it sounds like you had a fabulous evening, though. We DO have something in common, turns out. I can totally see me doing a poker game, then going bowling, then billiardsing. I'm not good at any of them, either, but have a great time. We should do it, sometime. Of course, one of us would have a terribly long ride to bowl for less than 100 (I'm usually happy to make it past my age). How are you feeling today? I hope you're well rested.

Nonny said...

Ah to be young and foolish. Only someone in their twenties would think staying up until it's time to go to work is a rational idea. Sounds like a fun night though. Glad your making friends.