Monday, January 02, 2006

A whole new year, the same old me

I had tremendous fun this New Year’s Eve, probably the first really fun new years I've had since I was in high school.

That being said, my fun doesn't translate well to an interesting story. Nothing unusual happened; I didn't do anything crazy, I didn't meet anyone and fall in love, or even any sort of drunken one night stand. I didn't go to Times Square (though I did wind up at 56th street and 7th avenue 14 blocks away from times square). I didn't even get that drunk (again, it's been a while since I really drank and I'm pretty much a lightweight).

Here's what happened and I'll try (though probably fail) to be brief. My brother Hillel and I took the 5:50 LIRR to Manhattan Saturday night. We then hopped on the 1 to 14th street transferred to the L train and got off at North 7th in Brooklyn. We walked a block down to North 6th and into a bar aptly named North Six. Coats checked (seven bucks for two coats and one backpack, plus the one dollar tip - much less than I though we'd have to pay), we waited on line for about a half hour, picked up the tickets we bought online, then entered upstairs where we waited another hour. At about 8 PM a man named Jedidiah Parish took the stage with his guitar. He sang one thoroughly entertaining song, then played about eight very bad ones. It wasn't until a little after nine that They Might Be Giants (my all time favorite band ever) took the stage. The concert was freaking amazing. Probably one of the best I've seen in the smallest venue I've ever seen them (I have seen them at least once a year since I moved off to college a little over 8 years ago). The show was sold out, maximum capacity of 300 people. They rocked. Also hilarious. Great entertainers through and through.

It was the early show (ended at 10:30) and for the final song they passed out flyers to the audience and led us all in the complete (five whole verses, and pardon my spelling) Auld Lang Syne (did I get it right?).

We got out of the bar (collecting our coats took about ten minutes) at about 10:50. We hopped back on the L rode it up to seventh (or was it eighth? I can't remember) and took the A train uptown to 59th st. We backtracked three blocks to 56th and got to Lily's (Hillel's girlfriend) apartment at around 11:30 PM.

At Lily's in addition to myself and Hillel: Lily of course, Amanda (Lily's roommate), Asaf (my youngest brother who was lazy and didn't buy a ticket to the show – he blames the subway strike but I know the truth), and two of Amanda's friends whom I didn't know (and have also by now forgotten their names - though they were really cool people). We drank some beer (blue moon) and some wine (I don't remember the name but Amanda works for the company who makes it) and ate some cheese and crackers and some sort of chopped mushroom spread - which I enjoyed immensely, though that may just be because I didn't really eat dinner. I really only hung out with Amanda once prior for about an hour or so, and apparently made an excellent impression on her. Luckily Asaf wanted to sleep in his own bed back in Queens instead of at his dorm so Asaf and I left at 12:30 (after watching the Ball Drop on the TV, all of us marveling we were watching something taking place barely 10 blocks away). I say luckily as I managed to leave when I was still entertaining thus maintaining Amanda's good impression. There will probably be a day she realizes how big of a dork I really am, but I'm safe on that front; for now.

Asaf and I caught the 1:20 AM train and took the LIRR back home. We got home a little after two and I fell asleep at 2:30 AM.

I woke up at noon, ate breakfast and spent a very lazy Sunday with my brother playing the original Zelda (you know the old one for the first Nintendo system) on his Gamecube. He purchased off of Ebay a Gamecube disk with the two original Zelda games along with the two for N64, hence our ability to play a very old game on a very new (well not that new really) gaming system.

The End.

Oh and my new favorite quote for the new year (yes I stole it from Noodles and changed the spelling) New Year is like taking off in an airplane for the umpteenth time and being sure that, this time, it will certainly finally crash.. -Eliza BeLittle

Couldn't have said it better myself, and really wish I came up with it first.


rawbean said...

That sounds like a nice evening. It's cool that you and your brothers are so close. My brother had a party and I don't think I was invited.

Nonny said...

Why is reading about your NY adventures simultaneously intersting and jealousy inducing? I don't know. Glad you had a good time though. Your the only one who thinks your a dork!

Amichai said...

Rawbean: My brothers and I are close in a very guy close way. We hang out together, we'll read comics, and go to movies and concerts and parties together, but we don't really share intimate secrets and such. You know, like guys.

Nonny: I'd like to think Dork is the new cool. I'd also like to think that poor guys living at home with their parents will attract an insane amount of girls. Unfortunately I'm the only one who thinks that.

rawbean said...

PS I can't handle the cuteness of your avatar right now. I have to close my right eye when I read your blog ;)

Amichai said...

If it makes it any easier, it doesn't so much look like me right now. I gots a full beard (for full beard read: full yet trim, no dirty hippy beard for me) though I think it's gonna be shaved off tomorrow, thus maybe I will actually look like the avatar.