Thursday, January 05, 2006

oh the indignity

I shaved my beard off this morning. All gone. I'm clean shaven like and fresh faced just like my avatar. I dislike shaving as I have incredibly sensitive skin. So sensitive I'm the only person I know bleeds after using an electric razor (and no it isn't the razor's fault). Though my cheeks and chin are fresh and smooth (or as smooth as they ever get) I decided to leave my sideburns long. Kinda seventies styled long. Not too wide, just long (they reach my jawbone). It's not a bad look, but it isn't a good look either. I did it for fun, just to do something different.

Then at work, there I was standing next to a female co-worker when a patron (an older lady carrying her dog in a bag - I hate those people!) came in and said "Excuse me ladies, can I have a Caramel Macchiato (sp?)." Ladies!

My co-worker (who shall remain anonymous) cracked up. She laughed like I've never seen her laugh prior and for a good two minutes with barely taking a breath.

Ladies indeed.

Because cleverness should be shared by as many people as possible I direct you to this post by the girl who rides the vespa


Nonny said...

It's not a bad look, but it isn't a good look either

That's you in a nutshell right ambiguity about everything.

rawbean said...

That was an AWESOME story.

I bet the sideburns look good. It's better than that damn beard. I am so anti-beard on a guy. Need the clean shaven thing. Sideburns are okay.

Awhh Ladies...hehe I am still laughing...ohh...yea...that's good.

rawbean said...

I can't handle you Amichai!

Lady K said...

Oh sweetie, I feel for you! I'm sure someday soon someone will be calling me "sir," what with all the "man hair" going on. Your avatar is too cute for words. I'd love to bundle up and walk with you in that park. Hang in there!

rawbean said...

Hey Amichai!

The no picture comment is actually a compliment to you because you rely on good content instead of throwing a picture of a puppy up when you have nothing to say and hoping for the best!

Keep up the good work!

PS I also do not own a digital camera. I scam them off others.

Fridaysweb said...

Perhaps your customer's brain was frazzled from all the time she spends listening to a small dog yap. Whatever, she was just... idiot ;)

Dortch McGirken said...

I am furry. I look as if I should have dog nipples. Full beard in fives days. No back hair yet, but I get these two inch long eye brow hairs that are crazy. And they tell me things. The dudes who shave their chest scare me.

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