Sunday, March 19, 2006


I'm up at this ungodly hour on a Sunday because I'm the idiot who read the schedule wrong and thought I was working from five-thiry to ten forty-five in the AM when it is in fact in the PM. Tonight my brother (the second of three) is having a birthday dinner (21st birthday in fact) in the city tonight and I already said I could attend.

The only reason I'm still up is so I can call the person working the eight AM shift and switch hours. I hope he can switch (not calling him to the slightly more reasonable hour of seven fifteen) otherwise I have to bail on my brother, which is completely uncool.


Nonny said...

So what happened? You always leave me hangin.

I'm gonna imagine that you did end up trading with that dude. You went to your brother's dinner and then the two of you picked up a couple of goth chicks outside a club and went to the Waldorf and totally partied your asses off. You even opened the honor bar and just went crazy. Zelda, your date, even ate the macadamia nuts.

rawbean said...

Yea Amichai what happened?

Yea Amichai what happened?

Yea Amichai what happened?

(That's an echo if you didn't know because you never answer my questions...sniff)

Fridaysweb said...

We're still waiting. Happy b-day to your bro, too! Remind him, though, 21 is just a number. It only makes it legal for him to drink and own porn - not that he would do that, I don't know him. After reminding him, as all good big-brothers do, take him out and get him loaded :D

Lady K said...

I hope you didn't end up having to bail on your bro. I don't like doing that to family, either. You're a GREAT brother!