Sunday, March 26, 2006

nothing special: a recap

Why do I even bother?

Got to my brother's birthday dinner, Yay!

Started to get sick on Monday, Boo!

Really got sick on Tuesday, Boo!

Best friend Jason flew up from Atlanta to visit, Yay!

Fought cold as we walked around Greenwich village, meh.

Had Etheiopian food for dinner, Yay!

Skipped work on Wenesday to go to the MoMA with Jason, Yay!

Was really sick the entire time, Boo!

Saw Famke Janssen at the MoMA, Wow!

Went to Dinner at Mendy's with Jason and two siblings (Mendy's Jerry, Mendy's!), Meh.

Had drinks in Hell's Kitchen with Jason, sibling, sibling's girlfreind, and girlfriend's roommate, Yay!

Pretended I wasn't feeling ill, though I was horribly sick, Boo!

Opened Starbucks (5:30 AM) nearly dead to the world, Boo!

Went bowling with Jason and a Sibling, Yay!

My highest score: 83, Boo!

Still tried to hide my horrible sickness, drank too much espresso to cover my deadness, Boo!

Ate at a Bolivian Restaraunt with Jason and his freinds, Meh.

Shot pool with Sibling and Jason, Yay!

Wanted to curl up and die the entire time (sickness yuck!), Boo!

Drove Jason to the airport, Boo.

Slept for the rest of Friday and Saturday, Yay!

Went out to get drinks with Starbucks Friends, Yay!

Came home early because was still getting over the cold, Boo!

Bonded with E and J from work on the ride home, Yay!

Woke up feeling better but still a little stuffed up, Meh.

Wrote my first post in a week, Yay!

And now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


Nonny said...

Thanks for the update buddy. I get worried about you in that big city. Sounds like your assimilating just fine. To fine? I went bowling on Saturday. I scored an 85 and 100. IN YOUR FACE!

rawbean said...

So then the aliens came down when I wasnt looking and scooped me up into their spaceship before anybody was the wiser. At first it was uncomfie, but after awhile, I adapted to the new culture and even learned the language! **SkkTTYu!

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Lady K said...

Wait...I had to stop...Ethiopian FOOD? Since WHEN did THAT happen?