Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'm boned

I think I might have broken my foot last weekend when I was in Philadelphia. Well, maybe more fractured than out and out broken as I have been able to walk on it all week. Not a serious fracture, but still, it hurts and isn't completely symetrical with the other foot (there is a bump on the left foot - the potentially fractured foot - that isn't on the right) and the bruise isn't healing as fast as I would like.

Thing is, I have no health insurance, I don't work enough hours at Starbucks to get it through them, and I can't afford it on my own. So I have to try and find a free clinic or something much cheaper than a regular doctor. My mom suggested just going to the emergency room.

My response (sarcastically): Yeah, because the emergency room doesn't charge a tremendous amount of money.

Her: Then what to people without medical insurance do when they go to the emergency room?

Me: They go into debt, which is why many people don't go to the doctor, they pay their rent and buy food instead.

Her: Oh.

So here I am about to try and find a free clinic or something that I can go to, because I don't want my foot to be screwed up for the rest of my life. And if I have to go to a regular doctor (not that I'm not saying free clinic doctors aren't real, because they are), I will. It's just that I probably won't be able to afford going to a doctor and getting all the x-rays and casts and everything, and then fly out to Winnipeg for the wedding I plan on going to.

So either way, I'm boned.


Brooke said...

Hi, I'm Brooke. It's nice to meet you. My intent in writing those entries was, in fact, to entertain you. I'm glad you liked them. I just posted a new one about a trip to Florida.

Brooke said...

One More Thing!
Is there a difference between a fracture and a break? I'm not sure.

rawbean said...

how's the foot coming along? We have free healthcare here (Sort of)....maybe just wait till August when it has healed all wonky. They can re-break it and fix it.

piu piu said...

it might be cheaper to get travle insurance and go on holiday somewhere like the UK and get treated here!

my blog is back up btw

Amichai said...

Brooke- A break I'm pretty sure means a break, as it broken all the way through, snapped in half so to speak. A fracture isn't as severe. The bone is broken, but not snapped in twain. A hairline fracture is a little break.

Rawbean- Getting something rebroken? Sounds awfully painful. I just filled out some health insurance forms. My folks are gonna help me with the expense until I can afford it on my own (which sucks, I hate having to keep going back to them for help, it's a pride thing).

Piu- not a bad idea. I am going to canada at the end of the summer. And they have free health care there. And welcome back buddy.

Anonymous said...

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Princess Pessimism said...

I keep forgetting that you guys have to pay for that stuff....what a slap in the face. Not only do you have to have the pain of a potentially fractured foot, you also have medical bills??? That Sucks for sure.