Monday, August 21, 2006

I kinda wish I had a camera so I could post pictures

Princess Pessimism once remarked that my life, i.e my blog - to her - reads like a movie. I don't know exactly how I feel about this, but now that thought is in the back of my mind as I write this post. (if you are curious why she thinks this, I believe said notion was derived from this post)

Movie or no, this weekend I took a trip with J_ to Boston. First because I missed the darn place, and second because J_ had never been to Boston previous. I had no car available to me that weekend thus we took the Chinatown Fung Wa bus. Simply put it's a bus that goes from Chinatown NY to Chinatown Boston (well South station Boston, though it used to go direct to Chinatown). It's reletivly nice, and it's only 15 bucks one way, cheaper than any other bus line that I know.

Once again traffic sucks. It took us five and a half hours to get from city to city, which is at least an hour and a half too long. Damn you again interstate 95 and your incessant construction. But we were smart enough to take the noon oclock bus and still arrived before dinner time.

The Plan: stay with my freind Jeff. Jeff's plan, help his freind Jim move into a brand new house (Yay for Jim, first time home owner!). Jeff wouldn't be back into the city until later that evening giving us ample free time. J_, having hated being cooped up for so long, insisted that we walk around for the next five and a half hours to make up for the five and a half hours spent on the bus.

I love Boston, I really do, which is why I had no problems walking around downtown and into some other neighborhoods. I decided she'll get a nice walking tour of my old stomping grounds, where I used to hang out.

Ok, we started at South Station, which is kinda where the big Route 93 icon is above Chinatown. We walked down Boylston through Chinatown, around and through the Commons and the Gardens, down Beacond street to Berkely, then back up Beacon, walking down Charles street through Beacon Hill. We then took Cambridge street up to Government center (City Hall) and through there to Faniuel Hall/Quincy Market. That was about two hours of walking so far. I shared stories about my dorm life at Emerson College (I lived at both 80 Boylston St. and 132 Beacon st. - which they don't have a picture of on their website for some reason). Told her the story and pointed out the spot where I was mugged on the Commons my sophmore year (it's actually a funny story, remind me to tell it sometime if I haven't already). I showed her my favorite Pizza place (Nino's on Charles St.) some of the really nice apartments I'll never be able to afford on Beacon Hill, and the various different spots in China town we used to hit (i.e. the ones that wouldn't card us before we were of age).

We kinda stalled out in Quincy Market. J_ was hit by sudden dehydration and felt miserable. Thus, we hung out in Quincy market for quite some time, watching the street performers, sitting down, while J_ drank many bottles of over priced bottled water, and I managed to get a little food in her (a fruit cup and some samosas).

From there we worked our way up into the North End. For those of you not familiar with Boston, the North End is the Italian neighborhood. I didn't normally go to the North End back when I lived in Boston only because the T (the subway system in Boston is called the T) doesn't go directly there.

As we walked down North street we heard music coming from up ahead. We suddenly found ourselves in the midst of the Fisherman's Madonna festival in the North End. The streets were blocked off to cars, and were lined with countless booths selling pizza, italian sauseges, fresh canoli and other italian pastries (though mostly canoli) and games and other odds and ends. In the center of it all, a big Italian cheesball and his band, playing all the favorite Frank Sinatra standards, and other modern jazz classics (I believe he covered a few songs by Harry Conick Jr. and a decent Cherry Poppin Daddies song as well). The streets were lit up, the music was up tempo, and it really was very nice. We completely lucked out.

We strolled the booths, J_ ate a very rich canoli made by a woman who goes no other name save "The Canoli Girl"; leading me to believe she is some sort of superhero, though at the same time forces me to wonder who her arch nemisis is, Marzipan Man?.

We walked around, ate, and (yes this is corny) even danced to the music of "Sweet Caroline" on the street. I wish I could say other people were also dancing, but we were the only ones that I saw. We were just fooling around, having some fun. It was pretty sweet. Good times, Good times.

We adjurned to Jeff's place, taking the T (the B green line) from Government center to Packards corner (on the map below it's where Brighton Ave grows out of Commonwealth Ave).

That really was the best night. The next day we walked around cambridge. I'd relate it to you, but it's pretty uneventful and I'm too lazy to go into details now, especially reading over what I have so far, I realize that this is pretty boring if you weren't there with me. Still, we walked around harvard, down then across the river, walking up Storrow Dr. Then back over the River onto River street straight to Central Square. From Central we too the bus up Prospect and down Hampshire to Inman Square and got Dinner at Buckowski's (good eats, great beer selection). Then we took the bus home.

The end. I had a great time and even though I did a horrid job relating it to anyone who might be reading (and if you've even got this far I'm sorry to have put you through all this).

On another note, the shirt J_ had made for me (the one I'm wearing in my avatar) is up for Neighborhoodie of the week at You should all go to this site:
Right now and vote for it. Remember, vote early and vote often and we just might have a chance for this meaningless title. Tell your freinds.


Nonny said...

Oh buddy, you were on a roll with your spelling right up till the end and then you spelled "friend" wrong. And please tell me you really do say "noon oclock" because that might just be the most endearing thing I've heard in awhile.

Your trip does not sound boring at all. I've never been to Boston either, so I was quite enthralled, even if there was a blatant lack of sex to the story.

Gotta dash and go vote now.

Princess Pessimism said...

...I meant it....When I read your stories, I can see the things happening in my haed. Especially since I have been to north Boston, and know the area realatively well. Thats the mark of a good story teller you know...Making the description so realistic, your reader can picture it themselves.

And dancing in the to Neil Diamond is so perfect. it does indeed sound like good times, actually considering the song, I should say "Good times never seemed so good".

Glad you had an amazing time. It certianly sounds like you did.

Amber said...

You Jews and Neil Diamond! Our "first dance" song will be a Neil Diamond song (off his new album, which my dear one purchased withing minutes of it being available to the public).

I love Boston, except for all the Red Sox fans... :)

Your shirt is kicking ass on neighborhoodies!

And, final thought, inspired by your non-blury picture: YOU'RE REALLY FREAKING CUTE!!!!

Amichai said...

Nonny - a gentleman never kisses and tells. And "I before E" my ass!

PP - it was tons o' fun. I'm a big fan of Bean Town.

Amber - The Neil diamond is less a jewish thing and more a red sox thing. I don't really know why, but it's what we sing (the fans not the jews) at the ball park. It's kinda funny as I love NYC except for all the Yankees fans.

And thanks, you're pretty cute too.

Big Ben said...

If I was to choose one American city to live in, Boston is my current leader.

kennyb said...

Agreed. as american cities go, I enjoyed Boston a great deal. I'd like to spend more than 3 days there next time. A new architecture prof formerly from boston took us on a similar walking tour to the one you strolled. lots to see.

impossible city to drive in when you're new to the city though. big dig construction didn't help the confusion much. we actually gave up finding another professors hotel and simply dropped him off at an approximate location.

The subway system is crazy slow, but I love it's old-school charm. 50 mins to MIT by subway from our hotel / 5 min cab ride return.

Fridaysweb said...

It's no wonder J_ is so fond of you. You take her on the coolest "dates" ever! By the way, did her shirt win? I voted :)