Thursday, November 30, 2006

Brain drippings

It's official, I want to add this t-shirt to the list of things I want:

I mean come on, how cool is this? Take that you emo bastards!

Also, I have some a website for you kiddos to check out and love (if you don't already).

Overheard in New York Sometimes I can't believe the things that happen in this city, and sometimes I get nervous I'll wind up on this site.

And now I shall leave with with the religious thought of the day. As the Lord once said: "Be Fruitfull and multiply." Alright you heathens, you heard the Lord, go out there and get your groove on, it's a religious imperitive.


rawbean said...

I like your spunk today Amichai. That website is great!

amber said...

I'm going to go have sex! Ami told me to!

Big Ben said...

I think Jesus was talking about math.

Amichai said...

Rawbean - "Spunk" you say? Was that a bad sex joke?

Amber - Since you're marrying a jewish guy I'll drop some jewish knowledge, according to the rabbis there are three tastes of heaven God left for people on hearth. The first is a beautiful day, the second is the sabbath (the day of rest) and the third: sexual intercourse. And not that I'm judging your sex life, but the rabbis also say that it is very important for a man to satisfy (if you know what I mean) his wife. It's his obligation as the husband. Just so you know.

Big Ben - Not a jesus quote, this is OT stuff (OT = old testament) it's actually the first commandment god gives Man in the bible. But thanks for playing our game.

rawbean said... no.

limpy99 said...

I know where you can make $800 a month too Anonymous, but you may not like what I have in mind.

As for multiplying, I've already multiplied by two and big numbers scare me. You and the Lord are going to have to get along without me.

slopmaster said...

I'm looking for numbers, but the = sign isn't there. Sounds like you're convicing youself. YOU should go get some. Unless you already are, in which case, quit rubbing it in.