Monday, November 06, 2006

Why I am super cool!!!!

This weekend I...

Saw Borat in the theater (matinee showing).

Watched all six episodes of FLCL on DVD.

Watched Chumscruber on HBO.

Rented then watched Inside Man.

Rented and played God of War. (more hours this weekend spent playing this game then sleeping)

Read all four collections of Grant Morrison's run on the comic series Doom Patrol (can't find a good link to explain what this is).

And save seeing Borat I did this all by myself, alone, never actually leaving my couch save for food, bathroom and sleep.

I'm the coolest!!!!


amber said...

I think you sound lonely... but "cool" works too!

Borat was hilarious! I take it you weren't offended by the "Running of the Jews"! We were in stitches.

Nonny said...

That would be an ideal weekend for me. How was "God of War"? I've been toying with getting that one.

And yeah, how did you like "Borat"?

limpy99 said...

You're not gonna be one of those enormous people we see getting hauled out of there house through a hole the fire dept. cut in their walls are you?

rawbean said...

We need a Borat review from you!! I have mixed feelings about seeing it.

Amichai said...

Amber - Not lonely, just alone, there is a difference. And borat was hilarious.

Nonny - God of war is awesome! I'm completely addicted to it. I'm at a boss I just can't beat and it's driving me crazy, but if you like Prince of Persia, you'll really dig this one.

Limpy - I'm a svelt 130 lbs. I don't think we'll need to break any walls down yet.

Rawbean - it was funny. very, very funny. Don't be ambivelent, see it.

slopmaster said...

YES!! I can't wait to see Borat. Would you say it's the funniest movie you've ever seen? What's funnier?

Fridaysweb said...

Sweetie, even if you were watching Digimon while french-braiding the shih-tzu, I'd still think you were cool :)