Friday, July 21, 2006

Because I knew you were planning to already...

Tomorrow (July 22) will be my twenty-sixth birthday. I assume that all of you have prepared and purchased for me a birthday gift (wow what an awkward sentance!). But just in case some of you slackers have forgotten, here is a list of just a few things I would like to own.

T-shirt to be purchased here.

which can be purchased through amazon here TOO LATE, J_ GOT IT FOR ME.

15.4 inch 2ghz intel core duo, purchasable here

If you can't afford the entire thing, I'd be happy to take it in instalments. Be it through individual towns, all the way up to continents.

Honestly it'll probably be easier getting me the previous item on the list.


Nonny said...

Happy Birthday buddy!

ps: I didn't get you anything-sorry.

Big Ben said...

How about a hug?

Princess Pessimism said...

WOO HOO!! Happy birthday! That was yesterday, and i missed it. So i'm a terrible friends...sue me. *that is something that you yanks are fond of...just trying to fit in here, just trying to fit in.*

I wasnt aware that the flash was a comic...i always just considered it the dog on Dukes of Hazzard.

rawbean said...

happy birthday amichai!!