Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Do you ever...

...Compose your blog entry in your head during the day while whatever you want to blog about is still happening, then forget it when you get home and get angry even though it's only a silly blog?

...Leave a single cookie left in the cookie jar/package/dish/ect. because you don't want to be the one to throw away or clean up said jar/package/dish/ect.?

...Pretend you don't have change when a homeless person asks you for change, because you think you might actually need or deserve those fifty-three cents more than the person with no home?

...Have gay sex dreams (or if you're gay, have straight sex dreams) and even though you aren't gay (or straight) you still find yourself aroused upon waking?

...Walk into doorposts and glass windows because you just aren't paying attention?

...Feel the urge to stand up in the middle of a street with a big sign that says "JESUS SAVES: BUT ONLY WHEN HE OPENS AN ACCOUNT AT CHASE MANHATTAN BANK."?

...Feel bad that you can name Disney's seven dwarfs*, but have no idea who the Mercury Seven are** (let alone being able to name all seven of them***)?

...Wonder why we learn all about Neil Armstrong****, but are never taught about Yuri Gagarin*****?

...Wear underwear that is clearly dirty, just because you are too lazy to do your laundry?

...Sing the wrong lyrics to a song, then try and play it off like you did that on purpose?

Yeah, I don't do those things either.

*Sleepy, Dopey, Sneezy, Happy, Grumpy, Bashful, and Doc
**The first seven American Men in Space (they went up in the Mercury Missions)
***M. Scott Carpenter, L. Gordon Cooper, John Glenn Jr., Virgil "Gus" Grissom, Walter Schirra, Alan Shepard, Donald "Deke" Slayton
****First man on the Moon
*****First man in space (he was Russian, which is why he's left out of American text books)


Nonny said...

I do that thing about thinking of great post ideas and then when I get in front of a computer-nothing.

Please do the "Jesus saves" thing. Pretty please.

I just walked into a glass door not to long ago while shopping with my sister. I thought she was gonna pee her pants laughing at me.

I don't sing-ever. Trust me, no one wants to here me sing wrong lyrics or otherwise.

Fridaysweb said...

Blog entry: yes, but I've begun keeping paper and pencil handy, "just in case" (I'm not addicted. I'm not, really. I swear)

Single cookie: No, but the last little bit of milk in the container and definately the last little bit of tea because I HATE making tea more than once a day

Change: Umm, I keep spare change in a little divet in my door handle. Quarters are for newspapers or emergency payphone calls; rest is for homeless or the people walking down the medians collecting for charity. Does this make me a sucker? I know a lot of them aren't really collecting for what they say they are.

Sex dreams: oh yeah

doors & windows: plead the fifth

Sign: not quite what yours would say, but close

Dwarfs: nope - don't feel bad at all - am just glad I can remember 7 relatives' names

Space guys: I didn't know that - I will be showing this to my kids. They should know it.

dirty/clean: NEVER. I'm a phobe about skivvies.

Singing: yep

Princess Pessimism said...

I didnt even know what the Mercury SEven was, until today. Thanks Amichai!! And sometimes, I compose my blog entry during the day, but when I Get to my computer, I find that it sucks. And then dont post it. That has happened too many times

Amichai said...

I'm a big space geek. Not that I can name off other nasa adventures and such, but I really do find it all fascinating. I'm the guy who actually sits down and watches nova when they talk about space exploration and astrophysics.

Nonny - Don't think I'll actually do that, but only because i don't bank at Chase (I'm at Washington Mutual).

Friday - show your kids, show everybodies kids. I think it's important to know. As a nation I think we've lose the zeal for exploration that we once had.

PP- Glad to educate. Now go out and teach someone else.

Jane said...

I walked into a doorpost! And you had a great laugh about that...

It's nice to know you looked up the Mercury seven though


rawbean said...

Great post! Especially liked the bit about Jesus! hehe.

Amichai said...

Jane - Doubt you'll read this, but you can comment anytime. That's why it's called the internet (for those curious Jane is the GF and feels like she is invading my space if she comments - which she totally isn't).

Rawbean - Well, there is nothing Jesus takes more seriously than fiscal responsibility. I don't know why this makes you laugh, you spendthrift!

slopmaster said...

I learned about Yuri Gagarin, but only because I learned that in elementary school when I wasn't in the US. I'd love to read what the germans say about the world wars.

limpy99 said...


Big Ben said...

The gay sex dreams, yeah...No. I wouldn't have admitted that. Interior decorating yes, gay sex dreams, no.