Monday, December 11, 2006

A Cat-tastrophy

I don't know if there is an equivelent of "Cat Lady" for guys, but I have a strong feeling/fear that if there is I will be said "Cat Guy" (which shouldn't be confused with the lame Batman villan Cat-man - a not quite third rate knock-off of Catwoman - though Gail Simone has done some great things actually making him an interesting character, but I digress).

I was walking home from my father's synogogue on Friday night and this kitten, an adorable sivler colored kitten, starts following me home. It was dying for attention and I would have guessed it to be someone's pet - being that it was so comfortable with people. Only it didn't have a collar so it was a stray (or at least a house cat that accidently escaped and now didn't know what to do). I really, really (I can't stress this enough) wanted to take the cat home and adopt it, because it was so cute and needy and cute. Only I my folks already have two cats and there isn't room for any more (well there is, but they don't want another one).

Which makes me scared for when I have a place of my own again ( I miss having my own place) that I'll adopt stray cats left and right. And I know I will too. I'm going to grow up and be the scary guy on the block with hundreds of cats going to and fro through my house/apartment/shack/tent/cardboard box. It's scary, but I know it's gonna happen.

Also, the era of internet tests has yet to come to a close. Behold, a test to determine my political beliefs:

You scored as Democrat. <'Imunimaginative's Deviantart Page'>

















What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?
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This is actually the second time I took it. The first time it said I was 8% nazi, which didn't make my sense to me at all. I may be many things (actually I am many things) but Nazi is definitely not one of them.

I think it's because I answered I was a little racist. Which is true. I think everyone is a little racist, or prejudiced or whatever you want to call it. It's human nature to be suspicious of people who are different. I'm not saying everyone is a (instert skin color, race, religion ect. here) supremicist, just that everyone has a natural inclination towards homogeny. It's why you get neighborhoods like Little Italy, or Chinatown, or The Lower East side (at least back in the early 20th century when it was mostly Jewish) in New York. And there isn't anything wrong with that. As long as you don't let it control you, you'll be fine. But to claim outright that there isn't prejudiced bone in your body is just lying to yourself.

Ok, rant over.

And I still insist I'm not even the slightest bit a nazi.

(also, I don't get the whole 67% anarchist, but I'm not gonna get into it. It's really a stupid test, but as devoted readers know, I love 'em).


rawbean said...

I can't figure out how to do the do I answer? totally confused!

charlie said...

I think you should run with the crazy cat guy thing -- just own it Ami. Maybe start wearing tie-dye and cardigans with holes in the shoudler seams now; just to get the hang of the Catman you are destined to become . . . particularly since you're allergic to cats.

Nonny said...

I like how you use the word "cute" about 6 times to describe that kitty. I love kittens, but for some reason they loose there luster when they become actual cats. You should try and make some hybrid, genetically engineered small breed cat. Then I'll call you "Catman".

Amichai said...

Rawbean - You just answer the questions they ask. I don't mean to be smart, I just don't understand your issue.

Charlie - You never write, you never call, yet somehow you've found my blog (and chances are you aren't going to be seeing this response). God woman, what's happened to you (by which of course I mean, what's up? - though I should probably call you to really get that answer).

Nonny- I don't think any genetic alterations are in my future, unless of course someone figures out how to give me super powers, and then all I really gotta ask is where do I sign.

Ann Spam said...

I don't like most stray cats but there is this one lovely stray who comes to my house all the time. She still does, even though I don't feed her now. Real friendly and smart!

Just pick the right cats :) Not the evil ones!

rawbean said...

ummm according to the quiz I'm an anarchist.