Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blogs, apparently, are not worthless (wow)

Ask and ye shall receive.

A little while ago I posted this.

My pal Charlie who reads this blog occasionally (unbeknownst to me until very recently) went out - by which I mean followed my link - and actually got me the t-shirt. So Charlie Rocks!

Charlie rocks anyway, she's just rocking harder right now. If any body else wants to rock as hard as Charlie, I'd be happy to inform you of the other things I want that you can purchase for me from the comfort of your own computer.

Next on my list, I realize after reading many comments that I unintentionally mislead many of you in my last post. I was confused at first when I read the comments, then, upon re-reading my post, I realized the problem. The previous post was not actually a dream I had. I was bored at work and was playing around and wrote that as a little prose poem, or dialogue for something yet to be written, or a prelude to a short story also yet to be written, or I don't know why, I was just bored. The beginning of "I had a dream..." was a mistake (as it works for the fiction of the poem/dialogue/prelude to a short story, just not the regular accounting of my life via this blog).

Though based on some of the comments, I don't know this makes me less weird now you know it's not actually a dream I had, or more weird as this is the sort of stuff I think about on my own, fully conscious.

And finally, I have become addicted to the game Snood. I can't stop playing it. I should be doing all sorts of other work, but instead I am playing snood. If you don't know snood, I recommend not finding out because it's insanely addictive. And if you know snood, then you know my problem.

Glad I straightened out the record. Readers (all five of you out there) be good to your neighbors, you never know who is secretly a psycho-killer bent on revenge for the horrid injustice of the world. Or, as a wiser man than me once said "Love your neighbors as you love yourselves, just choose your neighborhood carefully."


rawbean said...

I didn't think you dreamt that, that would have been to intense and vivid. I think my comment shows I knew the truth (yay!)

Cool friend to buy you that shirt!!

slopmaster said...

yea, thats a pretty cool friend. I'm going to start posting stuff like that and seeing if anyone will buy it for me.

I had the same problem with Civilization 3 and Sim City, so I will pass on Snood.

Anonymous said...

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Amichai said...

Man, how did anonymous know about my unfulfilling sex life?

Which one of you has been blabbing?

Anonymous said...

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Amichai said...

Ahh, all my painful medical secrets are out. How did these anonymous posters know of all my hidden shames (and addictions)?

amber said...

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Nonny said...

The simple fact that you're warning me away from Snood so makes me want to look it up.

Must. Resist. Temptation.

Anonymous said...


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