Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm a noid

This is just a quick angry post. I got in trouble at work today because I did exaclty what my boss asked me to do. It was the wenesday before the office closed for break (the 20th). My boss called as I was walking out the door. I didn't even have to answer the phone, but being the dutiful employee I am, I did. She (having left for vacation already, calling me from CA on her way to Mexico) asked me to send a book to a reader. So quickly I called some readers, found the first one available, and then, ran the book in an envelope to the office mail center for it to be mailed out - just as she requested me to do. I asked how to send it, she said mail it. So I did. I followed the instructions to the letter.

Now the book never arrived on time, and the reader went away for the holiday. Because she asked me to send the book and not a copy of the book as per usual, we don't have the coverage we want, nor do we have the book to send to someone else. So I got the talk about why I mailed it instead of messengered it over, why I didn't find someone else, and so forth, when all I did was do exactly as she asked me too. So now I have to run around town, get the book from one place to another to get another reader, and look stupid to everyone involved - for something that isn't my fault at all.

when it's my fault I can deal with it because lord knows I screw up sometimes (and when I do I admit it). This time though, it wasn't my fault and yet I get the blame anyway.

Life is annoying.

On a plus note, I can't wait until this weekend when I finally get to take a vacation. Albiet only three days in a row, but that's two more days in a row than I've had since I can't remember when. Me and my sweetie in a B&B in Providence, RI. It should be sweet.


Anonymous said...

life sucks.

happy romantic weekend, though! oh, by the way, I was in Astoria for a party over the weekend and got some meat on a stick from some guy on the corner. You Queens folks have it good! He served it with soft bread, and it was $2. Amazing!

Amichai said...

A party and I wasn't invited? Well I never!

What does that mean, exactly, "I Never!" Never what? I don't get it, but admitedly it is fun to say while in a huff. I rarely hit astoria, and don't eat meat, let alone meat on a stick - though for two bucks, I don't know if I'd be able to pass that up. Astoria's becoming hip I hear. I don't know about that, but there are some hookah joints there that I go to occasionally with the girl.

whatigotsofar said...

It is always your fault. That's why your boss is your boss and you just work for her. If she fesses up, she looks bad to her boss as opposed to looking less-bad by having so-called incompetant people (you) working for her.

What more can I say? Working for a living sucks.

slopmaster said...

B&B? How old are you, 50? It is a relationship oven those things though. After the weekend together, you should know either way whether you still want to be with her, or her with you.

Big Ben said...

Your story could be told for a million people at a million jobs, shit rolls down hill and we have to like it.

Ann Spam said...

Hmm, not wanting to annoy you... but you gotta make sure your boss doesn't stumble upon your blog :)

rawbean said...

oh puke...can't handle happy couples when I'm not one!

Anonymous said...
Good Luck!