Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Because you all really care what I think about trivial stuff (aka really lame post)

So maybe you don't really care what I think about trivial stuff. I don't know, but I haven't written in a while, and as I still have little to write about - by this of course I mean I have little I feel motivated about which to write - I shall now, in order to make this sentance ridiculously long, give you my thoughts on stuff; Hooray Stuff!

It's J_'s birthday on Thursday and I'm am bussing up to see her. I'm actually pretty excited about this, but at the same time a bit nervous as I have yet to buy her a birthday present (J_ if you are reading this, which I know you do sometimes, this is a lie, and I totally already bought a gift that I put a lot of forsight into, and you can skip to the next paragraph). I was gonna get her a Hamsa Necklace from here but the only ones I really liked (and can afford) are yellow gold and J_ doesn't really like yellow gold - and I also decided I didn't really want to go with Jewlery, so now I don't know and am running out of time.

I'm thinking of getting new glasses.

I don't like non-dairy cheese. Philisophically I have nothing against it, I just don't like it.

My script on Triggerstreet has been nominated to be script of the month of Janurary. There are two other scripts in the running. I'd like to be proud of this, but really I've read past scripts that have won and let me tell you, it's not such an honor. It's fun to say, but ultimately meaningless. It doesn't so much tell me that I'm good, just that I don't suck as much as everyone else on the site - which I guess is something.

And there you go, a post for the sake of posting. Hopefully next time I'll have something interesting to write about.


Nonny said...

I love stuff!!

It's like one of my favorite things.

How about perfume for J? I love getting really good perfume because it's not something I'd buy for myself. Just don't get her any cologne named after a star-cheesy.

You should be proud of your script, I mean at least it's being recognized right?

Big Ben said...

Being better than people that suck is still noble and good.
I suggest getting those new glasses.

Princess Pessimism said...

HEY...congrats!! thats still awesome. Being nominated means that someone recognized something amazing about your writing...regardless of who won before, Id think it was an honor.

Good luck finding pressies...i love shopping for other people. Unless its someone I dont know, then its tough...but I still like to do it.

Ann Spam said...

We all post just for the sake of posting sometimes :)

Good luck :)