Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Movies for boys and girls together

Earlier today I was asked to shred a ton of paper's for Bob's office at Tribeca, and it seemed to be pretty pointless. Basically anything that had his name on it had to be shredded, even if it didn't have his address or phone number. I would have rather recycled it, but I understand the need for privacy in his personal life, and I respect that. One thing though that I thought was a bit superfluous was a copy of the newest draft for Little Fockers (the third in the meet the parents series). I can't imagine that anyone would be dumpster (or recycle) diving for a copy of this script, and as there are so many interns and other low rung people here who have access to the script (myself included, I've already read the script - at least this draft - and I know I'm not the only one), if this was going to get out, it probably would have already (assuming only someone low on the totem pole would leak the script). I think it's just a bit overly cautious of them, but that's just coming from someone who is a big fan of recycling (one can only recycle shredded paper if it's brought to a special drop off point, it doesn't get curbside pick up, and I don't think - though can be wrong - that we do that here). Not really a big deal as it's only about 100 pages, but still, it's the general principle that irks me.

After doing all the shredding I came back to my desk with naught else to do. All the office save one exec is off for an extended labor day weekend (lucky them). Said exec who is here, Hardy Justice, is one of the nicest guys I've ever met or worked for (and has the most kickass real name out of anyone I've ever know, topping one of my brother's friend's named - and I kid you not, his full legal name - Lightning Jay) and he's out at a lunch meeting currently. Thus, after scrolling through the job boards, I tooled around on the interweb and came across this post of movies guys and girls can enjoy together. I was a bit inspired and decided to create my own list of ten movies you can rent, lean back, and enjoy with your boyfreind/girlfreind/wife/husband/or whomever without having to worry if it's a guy flick or a chick flick.

In no particular order:

Synopsis: Nerdy guy from a small town in Victorian England promises a manipulative but beautiful girl he'll bring her a falling star as an engagement gift, and sneaks off to a magical kingdom to retrieve said star only to find the star is a beautiful girl, and must rescue her from an evil witch who wants to eat her heart to stay immortal. Of course said Nerdy guy turns into a heroic and handsome hero, while he falls in love with the star, and she with him.

What appeals to the dudes: Robert De Niro, Claire Danes, Michelle Pfiffer, explosions+magic+adventure=Awesome.
What appeals to the ladies: Beefcake lead, Claire Danes, Michelle Pfiffer, Happy lovey dovey ending.

Synopsis: If you haven't seen this movie already you have been living under a rock. Orlando Bloom must team up with scaliwag pirate Johnny Depp to save his secret love Keira Knightly from evil Zombie Pirates lead by Geoffrey Rush.

What appeals to the dudes: Johnny Depp, Sword fights, zombies, explosions (and Keira Knightly if you're into that sort of girl)
What appeals to the ladies: Johnno Depp, Orlando Bloom, (somewhat) Forbidden Romance+Victorian setting=instant chick appeal.

Synopsis: An underground flight club turns into a social revolution.

What appeals to the dudes: Intense Violence, scarily relateable psuedophilosophy that makes you feel smart, big explosions at the end.
What appeals to the ladies: Brad Pitt and Edward Norton extremely ripped and often shirtless, Strange yet endearing love story.

Synopsis: An average plane flight goes out of control when the passengers and crew all come down with a case of food poisoning. Only one man can save them, a former pilot suffering PTSD after flying rescue missions in Vietnam. Hilarity ensues.

What appeals to the dudes and the ladies: Outright hilariousness spoof. The synopsis sounds bleak but there is nothing not funny about this movie. Leslie Neilson in his first real comedy, and the Zucker Brothers at their best.

Synopsis: In a city where it's always night an amnesiac must decipher his own identity while eluding the police who want to arrest him for murder. His quest deepens when he discovers the city has a secret far scarier than his own and his search for his life turns into a battle for the minds of every citizen.

What appeals the the dudes: Jennifer Connelly, aliens+super powers+noir detective+special effects=awesomeness.
What appeals the the ladies: Jennifer Connelly, Rufus Sewall (if you're into that sort of guy), touching romance+comment on love knowing no bounds=us putty in your hands.

Synopsis: A comedy set in 1940's Hong Kong two small time hoodlums try to break into the notorious Axe Gang, but wind up saving the small slum in which they live from the gang and the most deadly martial artist in the world.

What appeals to the kid in all of us: Equally awesome and hilarious Kung Fu fight choreography+over the top cartoon like special effect sequences+endearing story about growth, friendship and community (and throw in a bit of love)=Stephen Chow is cooler than Jackie Chan.

Synopsis: An archeologist, a paleontologist, a mathematician, and two prepubescent kids, are trapped on an island filled with ferocious Dinosaurs.

What appeals to the dudes: Dinosaurs on the attack (need I say more?)
What appeals the the ladies: One of the few actually intelligent female characters in a leading role ever in an action movie (Laura Dern as the Paleontologist), and a grouchy old man who hates kids learns to love kids (in a healthy way).

Synopsis: An updated live action version of the classic Archie comic back up characters, who also had their own animated TV show in the 70's.

What appeals to the dudes: Rachel Leigh Cook, and Rosario Dawson (and I guess Tara Reid if you like trashy), mockery of everything that turned MTV from a cool station where you could stay up late watching headbangers ball (if you don't get the reference you make me feel very old) to a 12 year old girls wet dream.
What appeals to the ladies: Empowering gals standing up, taking control, and getting it all on their own terms. Power girl rocker soundtrack.

ALIENS (or if you are the mood for something a bit more esoteric ALIEN, the third one Alien³ is totally just a guy movie and the fourth isn't worth seeing by anyone)
Synopsis: Ripley (as played by Sigourney Weaver) is stuck in outerspace fending off really creepy looking parasitic, and evil aliens (or alien if your just watching the first one), with weird double mouths and acid for blood.

What appeals the the dudes: Balls the wall sci-fi action, humans vs. the scariest looking aliens ever captured on film. (for Alien, suspense so thick not only will she be clinging to your arm, but you'll be clinging to hers).
What appeals the the ladies: Strong female lead kicking ass and taking names, Ripley is the original three dimensional badass female lead who paved the way for the few who followed in what generally is a male dominated field.

Synopsis: Two Free Range Cattle drivers run into trouble with a greedy land Baron in the old west.

What appeals to the dudes: Gun slinging, tough taking cowboys, doing what cowboys do best, drinking, killing, and saving small towns from despotic rich folk and the corrupt local law.
What appeals to the ladies: The fleshed out sensitive side of Kevin Costner as a cowboy and gunhand and the soft, subtle and quietly moving love story between him and Annette Benning.

Five Honorable Mentions (a bit more niche rentals that, though appeal to both men and women, aren't big hollywood movies, thus have a smaller demographic in general):
Samurai Champloo (not a movie but an anime TV series - one complete story told in 26 episodes, get over that it's anime and it holds up very well)
But I'm A Cheerleader
Live From Baghdad
Edward Scissorhands

If anyone has any ideas of their own they'd like to add or refute, (assuming anyone has cared to read all this) I'd love to hear them.

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Invisible G. said...

I like most of these movies. Can't comment on Open Range or Josie and the Pussycats. As a child, I liked the Josie comic.

Fight Club is in my top ten of all time. I personally adore the back story on Chuck Palahniuk. For one, he writes mental books. Secondly, he was a mechanic and didn't get published until age 37 or something. Guess I can relate.

Apparently I also leave long comments on others blogs. It's just who I am.