Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Cornucopia of ideas (or lack there of)

So I'm trying to add a link from my site to an exhibit on Kevin Bank's Website. Kevin, being the man who so graciously has decided to work with me on a comic book. It's a great exhibit about what various people have done during their various periods of unemployment. I don't really understand how all this works yet so if the link doesn't appear, of if it doesn't work for whatever reason, it is entirely my fault. Here it is, I hope it works. What do you do?

I was talking to my friend Jason Chernock this evening and he asked why I didn't have a blog. I have an abundance of free time and all I ever seem to do is write, the connection seemed obvious to him. He went on to elaborate that everyone and their second cousin has a blog. I told him that I did in fact start a blog but was upon late feeling uninspired to work on it. One reason is most people are very boring and stupid. We might think we re interesting so we post, because the world should know what we think. Unfortunately what we think is most likely wrong and to a certain extent egocentric. (yet I do this anyway, but to follow in the lead of our current commander in chief, Hypocrisy be damned)

And though I've gone over this in the last few blogs, this is about what's on my mind, and apparently not much has happened in that area for a while.

I was thinking to model this after Peter David's blog site (see the link in my small but ever growing, if I get around to it, link section on the bottom right). He talks about what ever happens to be on his mind, often about his writing (he writes excellent novels and brilliant comic books professionally), sometimes about his life and family, and occasionally about his politics (most of which I agree). I don't think I have much to add in regards to a political debate, I believe what I believe, but most others articulate said belief's better than I do. So politics is out. Talking about myself too much is far to egocentric, and I don't think I'd want to read these posts if I wasn't me (though there will be posts about me, I just can't help it). Note to self: try to lay off other bloggers, they're probably good people and you're just getting mean about it now.

So that leaves my writing. I think, if I keep this blog, I shall dedicate it to my creative endeavors, and let the nonexistent readers (save you Jason) read my work.

But that's only my idea right now, can't say it'll be the same as day breaks upon the morrow.

Hopefully my next post will be funnier, because if you can't be smart at least be funny.

Uhh... Carry on then

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