Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Holy Internet quizes

You Are Batman

Billionaire playboy by day. Saving the world by night.
And you're not even a true superhero. Just someone with a lot of expensive toys!

What the hell does that mean "You aren't a true super hero. Just someone with a lot of expensive toys."? If Batman isn't a true super hero then I don't know what a super hero is. As far as I'm concerned Batman is THE SUPERHERO. Only a few others come close.* But I'm not going to show how much of a dork I am right now.**

No I didn't keep taking the quiz until I got Batman. Though I did take it a second time and chaged one answer and suddenly I was Electra.

Who ever knew Batman should be a joke writer?

*Flash will always be my all time favorite hero. I have been collecting Flash Comics since 1989, and after a lot of searching since then I have almost every flash comic since 1983, and I have a whole bunch or random flash comics from the 60's and 70's.
**Err, see the previous addendum. That pretty much shows it.


rawbean said...

I'm batman too...hmm...wonder if we had the same answers.

What quiz is next? This is fun.

HitManJ said...

Word Verifier: The Gathering
I'm back, Bitch!
Puns, humor, sex, and fun.
Only in the Hideout

E.B. Noodles said...

Batman me also! Is there enough angst for the three of us?

Nonny said...

I'm the Hulk-weird. Who knew the Hulk should be a joke writer.

I'm a Spiderman fan myself. He's got the coolest powers, hands down.

Princess Pessimism said...

Im Electra....apparently she's a sexy asassin....I could be a sex asassin.

So i'm taking the of the questions is something about the one word that describes you. The first word was "Angsty".

I have NO clue what that word even means....

Princess Pessimism said...

...LOL!!! I said sex asassin...but I meant SEXY..oops.

rawbean said...

haha princess p....oh you kill me sometimes. And nonny as the hulk. It's too much, too much.

Anonymous said...

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