Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I hate Manure*

First bit of news: You just know it's gonna be a funtastic** day when your first moments at work is spent in the bathroom cleaning off the horse shit from your shoe. Stupid mounted Police. There should be a special squad dedicated to following the horses around and cleaning up the manure.

Though I guess it's a little bit my fault not watching where I was walking. I mean, it was a big steaming pile of shit in the middle of the sidewalk. How did I miss that? Seriously?

Second bit of news: I applied to my current dream job on Monday and I know that I'm not gonna get it; probably won't even get interviewed, though I'll be on edge for the next week or so. The job: Assistant Editor for DC Comics. It wasn't a random sending of Resume; they have that listed as a position they are trying to fill on their Job Listings on (that's the parent company). I also applied for an administrative assistant position for the creative services dept. at Marvel Comics (as listed on Not exactly my dream job, but one I'd snap up in a heartbeat. God, I need a real job. So keep your fingers crossed kiddos.

Third bit of news: For all you TV junkies out there. Why aren't you watching Battlestar Galactica? I just saw the third season Premier. Holy Jesus. Best Show On Television. It blew my mind. Take everything that's good about Lost, then take away all the annoying crap, then multiply it by ten and that's how good Battlestar is. If you like Lost, or any Lost styled show (Heroes, The Nine, ect.) then you really should be watching Battlestar. It's quite possibly the best, smartest, most suspenseful, action packed and thoroughly engaging show on TV outside of Deadwood. Nothing else I've seen so far this season has even come close to being as good as Battlestar. Watch it, you'll get hooked.

*Kudos to anyone who got this mildly obtuse refrence to Back to the Future. You're just as big as a dork as I am. Good for you.
**Funtastic = Fun + Fantastic. A portmanteaus word for those curious.


Nonny said...

Now you know I got that BTTF reference. It's only like one of my favorite movies.

Sorry about the shit, I'm sure you were preoccupied, which is why you didn't see it.

I'm extremely excited about your potential jobs. I know how much you want this so I'm sending extremely positive vibes your way.

Amichai said...

How the hell did you post so fast? I just put this entry up a minute ago?

And thanks for the vibes.

Nonny said...

Dark side force powers.

Princess Pessimism said... a total dork. I got that reference, but the ironic thing is that I just watched that movie this past weekend...I dont think that I would have gotten it if I hadnt.

Whats battlestar galactica about?? Sounds sci-fi....

Amichai said...

it's very sci-fi. here, this says it better than i probably would. also tons of over info about the show.

It totally kicks ass.

Nonny said...


slopmaster said...

People just love that battlestar show. Whats the big deal. I always thought it was some sci-fi stuff that I wouldn't get, like X-files, although I never even gave that a chance, but I might have to give it a watch.