Monday, May 26, 2008

Do I really suck that bad?

I've been converting all my old files from my old computer onto my new one (a bit of an annoying process) going through what I should keep, and what I should just dump. I've come across a few gems and much more than a few really old crappy essays and stories which I promptly dumped. I found more duplicates that I was aware that I had (why did I let them take up the space on my hard drive, who knows?).

In any case this is an opinion article I submitted to a small newspaper in boston that was accepting open submissions. It was rejected, but very nicely encouredging me to try again. I never did because, I don't really know why. The point is, I know it's not even a little bit timely. In fact it's very dated, and it's a bit standard (I totally understand why it didn't it), but it isn't bad. So instead of just dumping it into the trash I figured I'd post it here as a dumping ground, so I can feel like it got used in some way in my life. I did spend some time on it, so why not make use of it. Right?

Anyway, here it is, feel free not to read it.


As I turned my TV on Tuesday morning, the first sound that echoed from the speaker was a news anchorwoman informing me that gay marriage had just been legalized in the state of Massachusetts.

Like the majority of heterosexuals in this state I was aware that there was a case at the state supreme court in this regard but I also knew that it had been in trial for a few years, and figured that it would be a few years more before anything was actually established.

Well, something was definitely established, and though this ruling realistically affects only a minority of the population, the majority of us will be up in arms, either for or against, even though it does not affect our lives. This is not a law that ensures cleaner drinking water, not a law helping fund our schools, and not a law repealing any tax or tax cut. If this ruling went the other way our lives wouldn’t have changed. Luckily, the supreme court legalized gay marriage, and you know what, us heterosexuals can still get married like before, schools are still underfunded, there’s still toxins in the water, and I haven’t seen a penny of that tax cut. I can barely tell the difference between now and then.

This ruling was a long time coming and is just the next natural progression for a free and civil society. This is the whole “All men are created equal” bit we’ve been hearing about so much since we first studied the Constitution back in grade school. We are either all created equal with the same protection under the law or we’re not. The Massachusetts Supreme Court upheld the belief that we are.

Though this ruling may not affect our lives in the secular world it will be perceived to have an impact on the religious one. I doubt I’m the first to say that the courts decision should in no way affect how marriage is upheld in as a religious ceremony. Whether or not gay marriage is something that should be instituted by the various religious institutions is not up to the state. Likewise, how a legal marriage is defined by the state should not be up to any religious group, or groups. As a religious Jew I don’t know how comfortable I am with a religious gay marriage ceremony. But the fact remains, my religious beliefs in regards to a religious marriage should be completely separate from the state’s definition of a legal marriage.

Unfortunately many people can’t make this sort of distinction. America is a secular country, regardless as to how many Christmas advertisements you might see. And as a secular country it is very important to put the secular needs of the people ahead of any religious dogma.

Hence, in keeping with the upcoming holiday spirit it’s important for us to remember, as Rabbi Hillel once said, “Do not do unto others as you would not want them to do unto you.” This means, for those of you out there who disagree with the courts ruling, you don’t have to go out of your way to embrace the gay community, just allow them to live the same rich full life you yourself wish to live.

-Amichai Greene

So there you go. Who knows what other pointless crap I can find to take up space on this blog?

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