Thursday, May 29, 2008

what it is

I saw Shakespeare in the Park last night with J_ (she's home for the summer). It was fun, but got a little cold. Of course she didn't bring a sweatshirt so I gave her mine and was a bit too chilly to really follow the second half. I had read the play so it wasn't like I was really missing anything. The performance was alright. I think they played some scenes up for laughs a bit too much instead, making it seem a little too light hearted for a tragedy. But over all I enjoyed it as I had never been to a play in Central Park before.

Now I have to go into work to work a closing shift (until 10:45) and I think I'm going to be working with the two employees who annoy me the most.

Okey dokey, off to the salt mines.

EDIT 11:00 PM: Work was okay, but someone broke a shot glass and i didn't know. Said person cleaned up the broken glass with a bar rag, but forgot to clean out the rag afterwards. Thus later when I saw the bar rag laying in the sink at the end of the night i reached to rinse it out. I squeezed it and a shard of glass jutted from the rag and cut me very deeply in the annoying area right between the index finger and thumb. It hurts like a motherfucker and hasn't stopped bleeding yet (cut occurred a half hour ago). I'm stuck typing with one hand, and am just waiting for my Mom to finish watching the season finale of Lost so I can go down and watch it from the beginning. grahhh my hand fucking hurts.

As my pa Mercedes would say: Kill myself!


rachel. 零 said...

i can probably guess who the culprit is.
sorry for your loss (of..flesh.).

you know if i was there i would have given them a swift kick in the goods.

amber said...

Heavens. That place will kill everyone sooner or later.