Friday, May 30, 2008

lost for lost

My hand is still killing me, but I'm not so worried about it anymore. It stopped bleeding, and I can type, but I don't think I need a doctor (which i kinda did last night).

Anyway, watched Lost last night and was disappointed, Jin was my favorite character and without him on the show I really don't care to follow the other characters and their stories. Maybe Sayed, but not really enough. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley have gotten stale to me. I really couldn't care less about them and what happens to them. Locke is insanely annoying, and the other side characters are just mediocre. Jin and Sun had the most interesting storylines to me. Jin just isn't interesting enough without her husband. Unless it's relvealed that he's really alive next season, I'm done with Lost.

Though I must admit if they killed Jack I'd probably start watching again. He's turned into such a whiny bastard. And someone should just walk up to Ben and put a bullet in the back of his head, then nuke the island.

The End.


rawbean said...

Jin is your favorite character? Really? I LOVE Sawyer. He has the best lines.

I'll probably keep watching eventhough the show is getting on my nerves.

rachel. 零 said...

Lost broke my heart when it got to like the 4th season and nothing happened.

me and my mother just gave up watching it after that because of the complete mindfuck it'd give us both..

didn't they like
leave the island
and come back?!?!

i'm so sick of seeing lost on tv because everyone still looks the same.

jack and his perpetual 5oclock shadow