Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Random tv series idea

I've been with sickness for four days and finally, today, after skipping work and spending most of my day watching all 13 episodes of Wonderfalls on DVD (thus renewing my love of Caroline Dhavernas - and I was gonna link to the last time I wrote of her, but the stupid technocrati search sucks and I don't want to go through all my old posts, so you'll just have to deal with IMDB instead).

Anyway, as I was watching a completely unrelated idea popped into my head that I think would work nicely as a tv series.

It's just a sketch as I don't really have any characters, just a basic premise. The format is an hour long drama, but hopefully this one would be a very funny hour dark comedy sort of hour long drama. A preacher, who is better at philosophizing and theological studies than actually connecting one on one with other human beings losses his faith after an accidental fireball blew up his house of worship and killed all of his parishioners. He can't get work at any other house of worship, mostly due to the fact that his last one blew up, so he is forced to work the night shift at a 24 wedding chapel, marrying inebriated couples more in love than he feels he's ever been. His life is going down the drains, disconnecting from the rest of the world, until he starts being haunted by the ghosts of all his dead parishioners, forcing him to engage in the actual world by helping the lost couples in love who stumble into his chapel in the wee hours of the morning.

Of course there would need to be other characters, and a love interest for our preacher, but I haven't come up with that yet. This is just the bud of an idea. It's kinda lame, kinda a rip off of almost all the work of Bryan Fuller, but what can you do?


rawbean said...

I like it!

Amichai said...

You like everything.

rawbean said...

you think? No...really?

Amichai said...

Not really, but for some reason I never trust positive feedback, it always seems less authentic than negative.

amber said...

I'm days late with this, but I had to comment. I just watched Wonderfalls for the first time; it was on my Netflix que. I should have known I would love it; I loved Firefly, too, and it was by one of the writes of WF.

Now I want a wax lion sculpture.