Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nastia is so nice (worst - and most likely most over used - pun ever!)

Worked a fifteen hour shift today. Got home at 11 in the PM. Stayed up late to watch the Olympics and then the most recent episode of Madmen (DVRed it - though am not sure if DVRed is the way to Verbificate DVR). Now for some reason I'm blogging in bed (hooray lap top computers) about how tired I am and how much I should go to sleep.

An open letter to all the Starbucks customers who piss me off is definitely forthcoming. Unless something spectacular happens in my life that I must write about it will be the next post.

And sucks for Nastia Luikin, who tied for gold, only to get silver. The system is messed up. That shouldn't stand (and if people can share gold in other sports, why not gymnastics? or am I wrong about the other sports?). Boo to the judges - I'm looking at you australia, but hooray for Nastia for being awesome.

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