Friday, August 15, 2008

When Fans unite why is it always in hate?

Just saw The Dark Knight for the second time last night (this time in IMax). It's a good movie. Flat out a good movie. It's broken many, many box office records all over the world showing that I'm clearly not the only one that thinks it's a good movie. Chances are you find a random person on the street and ask them what they think of the movie they'll tell you they liked it (provided they saw it).

So why don't comic book fans like it as much as everyone else?
Exhibit A: Joe Rice at Comic book Resources.

I was going to give an exhibit B but it was the New Yorker magazine guy, and he hates movies. I don't know why they even have him review for them.

I know that Comic book resources doesn't speak for all comic fans, and I'm sure there are plenty of other comic book websites that I don't know about since I don't really care about the websites and future spoilers, and though I like comic books, I don't obsess over them. Given that, and I'd like you to please bear with me, I want to use this as an entry as to why comic book fans will never be happy with any comic book adaptation. Are you ready for it?

Because they thing they can do it better themselves. It's that simple. And 99.9% of them are wrong. They can't do it better. Because even if they somehow get the chance to make a new Batman, Hulk, Spider-man, Superman, or whoever-man movie, there'd be other comic book fans complaining that they got it wrong.

Thus, as a comic book fan myself, I've decided to stop comparing the comic to the movie and vice-versa, and try and judge them as complete separate entities.

When the Watchmen movie comes out I'll try to hold off any judgment until I see it, and not compare it to the Graphic novel on which it is based. Really, I don't want to turn into one of those crazy fans who hate everything, yet spend there money on all the things they claim they hate (and if any body out there who reads this also reads Secret Invasion, Final Crisis, or any major crossover in the Marvel and DC universe, you know what I'm taking about).

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