Saturday, August 02, 2008

oh crap

I was playing around with a template and accidently chose a new one (wanted to preview, didn't realize what I was doing) and consequently lost all my old links. I had them saved on my computer (I try to back up everything - I lost almost everything on my old computer and now back up like a mad man), but my html isn't strong enough to figure out how to put it back in. So please bear with me (the three people out there who actually bother to read this blog) while I figure out how to fix it.

How sad is it that this is what I'm doing with my Saturday night?


rawbean said...

I'm annoyed that you have never commented on the mixed cd I sent you. BOO!

Invisible G. said...

Hmm.. perhaps you should respond to gift givers rather than worry about a new blog skin. :)

Upon reevaluation, the old template seemed to suit your "blog" personality more. Sorry, just being honest.