Friday, February 11, 2005

here we are once again

So it's a few hours past midnight and I have nothing to do, thus I write an entry to this blog.

I'm applying to jobs, being unemployed, that's what one does, or needs to do, otherwise, one is stuck with no money, stranded from friends, living at home with one's mother. I'm not talking about anyone in specific here, just a general observation. Anyway, I'm applying to jobs. One thing I hate (among the many things I hate) are most of the jobs I find interesting posted on craigslist. For instance. Today I sent my resume to a what sounds (based solely on the description) to be a promising position. The problem, the company name isn't listed anywhere in the post, and the only contact info is an anonymous e-mail address. Is this a legit job? Is it some scam just to get e-mail address's from unsuspecting dopes like me? How can I verify that they actually got my resume? It is so very discouraging.

In other news; I've come to the realization that though my grammar is less than desireable, I can't stand when other people's grammar is incorrect. Call me hypocritical (just don't call me a hippo, oh what a bad pun!), but that's where I stand. This realization, this epiphany, became the motivating factor for taking "Eats, Shoots & Leaves" from the library. This book is highly entertaining and has only increased my distaste of bad grammar and those who use it. Myself included, as one can clearly see based on this blog alone.

A joke comes to mind (I don't know if I made this up, very likely because the more I think about it the less funny it seems to be)

Jimmy turns to his roommate after finishing his first college paper. "Finished." Jimmy says.
"Let me look it over." His roommate replies, "I'm a strict grammarian."
"Oh, sure," says Jimmy, "But what does your religion have to do with anything?"

Like I said, not very funny.

That's all for now.

carry on then.

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